Monday, March 30

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today was another beautiful day to wake up to. The sky is clear blue without a cloud in the sky; the sun is already coming up over the horizon. There is about 4 inches of fresh powder snow all over everything. Not a breeze in the sky this morning. All the birds making all their sounds: seagulls, ravens, tweety birds, and eagles to name a few. The dogs loved running around in all the new snow… all except Dante (who seems to hate snow, and will even go out of the way to go around or jump over any in his path!) The temp this morning is right at freezing, 32F.

I got down to the office and there were already a couple Trident employees who were coming down the stairs, and my mom sitting at my desk. So she must have been cashing checks for them. My mom was speedy today with Payroll… she was just finishing up making copies before those people came to get their checks cashed. She had already entered the charge slips from over the weekend. And she was working on getting a deposit done. So that left me with getting the next store order ready and to go thru all the incoming mail and take out any checks I see so I can get them entered and put on the right accounts. I had a couple checks come in to pay for some hotel billing that I sent out a while ago, there was one check that was to go on the appropriate store charge account. I had about town people put money on their store accounts.

The first plane arrived on time today, landing in the harbor at almost exactly 11:20AM. It’s a 20 min flight from Dutch Harbor. I heard there was a handful of mail and some people who came in. I had a couple people for the hotel come in; finally… they were supposed to be here like 4-5 days ago… Trident is also done renting the Salmonberry Inn from us. So I went down to check how much money is on the power stat so we can bill the company correctly for electric usage. My mom will work on billing them; she has to get all the utilities added up right, since according to their contract Trident pays for fuel and electric on top of the room fees. Since they are using the whole back part of the building since January until today. I had to go down and kick people out of the building down there, they think they can stand in a line and wait to use the phone. When it isn’t a “public” phone, it’s a phone for whoever is staying in the Salmonberry Inn. It’s a shared phone located on the wall in the hallway. And when I went to check the power there was a ling of people waiting to use the phone. I had to let them all know that they aren’t allowed in there if they aren’t staying in there… and since Trident just turned the keys in… no one is supposed to be in there.

We had grilled cheese and soup for lunch today. I have to start finding something tastier than what I’ve been eating lately…. Makes eating boring when it’s the same crap over and over...

Got back down to the office and we had a good amount of activity on the check cashing scene. I was kind of giggling to myself as this one guy kept calling me “sister”. I was just about to tell him “I’m not your sister.” LOL…… but I kept that comment to myself as I giggled… When they were walking out I heard one of the guys say, “She was laughing at you calling her sister.” Always cool to deal with cashing people’s checks… get to learn a bit about them because I’ll BS about what state their ID is… or ask what it’s like to live there. I LOVE talking with people from Hawaii!! Lots of people from Iowa, Nebraska and New York… most are from Cali and Hawaii though! I get to see a lot of “green cards” and passports too!

We bought cash from the PO and made them a check. At 4:15 PM it is 37F out, still clear and sunny. Some low laying clouds on the horizon. A breeze from the south is picking up a bit, blowing a good 10MPH. The sun feels really good on my skin! The second flight came in and we had the lady I’ve been waiting for the hotel for come in. She’s making it on time with her reservations! She’s hoping to get done in a couple days. I heard the first flight (Saab) to Dutch from Anchorage is stuck over in Dutch because that volcano blew ash again this morning, so that lady was super luck to even make it down today! I don’t know when/if that Saab will leave back to Anchorage today or not… (I actually won’t know unless I find someone to ask from over there… CB?!)

Today seemed like a nice busy day to make the hours pass by quickly without time dragging like it usually seems like it does… especially on nice weather days! I have a bunch of new episodes of a couple shows tonight. So that gives me something to look forward to watching later. Not sure what I’m going to get us for dinner tonight. I’ve been slacking on cooking lately, but I don’t feel like cooking anything that takes long… I don’t know... maybe go eat at the cafĂ© again, but I don’t feel like French dip either! I’ll figure something out…

I think that was all that happened over the day… I try to keep notes so I don’t forget anything so that when I got around to writing my blog it won’t be that hard to try to remember what or when something happened… like when the plane comes in and what’s on it. I’ve been trying to write my blog at the end of the day…. I don’t think I write as much because I forget to add stuff sometimes… because I don’t remember until much later and I would be like.. oh damn.. I forgot that… it’s ok though.. :P LOL….

Well have a great Monday! TTFN

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