Monday, March 2

Monday, March 2, 2009

Well today is another beautiful day here in the Aleutians. It is clear out but the sky is cloudy, looking east toward the pass I see dark low laying fog. What is it summertime already? It’s already 48F out there and the sun hasn’t even come up yet! The dogs loved their walk this morning!

I made it down to work a little late; I was on a phone call when I realized what time it was. After hanging up I made sure to call in and let my mom know that I was going to be like 10 min late this morning. We rushed out of the house but decided to bring the two little ones down with us. The loved the walk down to the office, Dante is slowly getting used to stuff and not being as scared anymore. So that’s really good!

So it’s Monday, and the beginning of the month. So I have a good amount to get done today. I have to get the store billing done up, get a store order done, get hotel billing figured out, and help my mom with payroll. Not to mention cash everyone else’s checks, answer the phones, count up the quarters from the laundry mat (at least I emptied them… just have to count them now) and get a couple faxes out. So today is a little busier than the usual Monday. On our rush out the door this morning we somehow forgot my computer sitting on the couch closest to the door. My hubby ran back up and got it for me. We had a couple late planes over the weekend and I guess all the dentist’s equipment came in. I also heard that the village VPSO came in too, he was out for training.
So helping my mom with payroll was pretty easy, mostly just printer problems (it’s taking more than one check at a time…), then we had little problems with the Xerox machine (it didn’t want to take any sheets in thru the auto feeder). Both just needed a little dusting and they started to work again. After getting payroll done almost everyone was here to pick up their checks and get them cashed. My mom had already entered all the charge slips into the book from over the weekend.

By noon I had already cashed 10 checks! Four people put money on their store bills. The clinic called and asked if we needed to see the dentist or not. I let them know; yes we would both like to be seen. So my hubby and I have dentist exam appointments tomorrow at 4:30 and 5PM. My mom has an appointment this afternoon, so it will be just me this afternoon in the office.

The plane came in on schedule today; I heard nothing but people and their bags on that plane. No mail, not like I’m really waiting for anything. There were at least 4 people on that plane for town (including their 2 adorable little boys!) PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA & WELCOME HOME!! At least outgoing mail made it out. :) I think I’m just going to make cheese burgers for lunch with a side of French fries.

It’s starting to rain a bit out there now. I love the fresh smell just before it starts to rain! It feel nice and warm at 50F, there are lots of sea gulls, ducks and eagles flying around. Starting to feel more like a spring day now with the rain… still seems way too early for this weather to be here yet. The last couple years the snow was still on the ground for my birthday!

Well I worked on getting all the charge accounts billed up, printed out, enveloped up and put down in the store to be handed out (that seemed like it took all afternoon :P). Next thing to check off my list is to get the store order into the spreadsheets and get that out in the AM…I like to make sure they have everything we need down in the store put on order before I send it to our vendors, the freighter leaves next week (another Friday the 13th!). Then eventually get my hands dirty counting quarters, I don’t have to take that much back down to the change machine (I only got like 50 in 1’s out of it), so I will put at least 50 in quarters back in it. :)

Ok I don’t understand why people get cell phones if they never answer them. Kind of pisses me off when you have an important message you need to pass on… and no one is answering their phones!! What do I have to do, broadcast it over the VHF radio?!?!?

We are supposed to have a couple people come in for the hotel today, but I’m not too sure if the plane is going to fly back this afternoon or not. Guess I will just sit and wait for them to call (that’s if they call).

Well today was a busy, busy day! Hopefully tomorrow isn’t as busy, I got the store order to get out, I have to get those quarters counted up, and get hotel billing looked over. So at least I know I have something to look forward to tomorrow. I didn’t plan anything for dinner tonight. Going to get the paperwork done up for the store, then for my office and make my way home around 5PM. I think there are supposed to be a lot of new shows on the tube tonight. I know today Gangland comes on (they changed what day it comes on, used to come on on Thursday’s), and all new I love money 2 and For the love of Ray J on VH1.

OH, and the Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association (APICDA) gave everyone 200 gallons of heating fuel for their houses!! Yay! (Thanks APICDA!!) and the second flight never came back in.

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