Friday, March 6

Friday, March 6, 2009

WOW, TGIF already and another week to add to my blog! Well today started as a windy morning, a good 20MPH wind from the south, blowing directly at the house. It’s clear out, looks like a flyable day today. No white caps or anything out in the bay today! It’s about 36F out this morning. The dogs ran out and enjoyed the weather this morning. They are so cute how they run around all happy together! The people who were supposed to check in on Monday finally showed up on a boat last night, my mom checked them into the hotel at like 8PM (she called me because she didn't know we had anyone coming in that late) I had forgotten to tell my mom that I was told that those guy got on a boat around lunch time yesterday... opps....

I made my way down to the office. I had the 4-wheeler this morning, so it was a quick ride down. Didn’t really see anyone out, like usual. The internet was down at the office this morning. I guess people around town said it’s been acting up lately. Hopefully they get someone to fix whatever is wrong with it. My mom had already gotten the charge slips entered in from yesterday. I started to get paperwork entered into the spreadsheets, since I had gotten almost everything done for this week. I had worked on my taxes and gotten everything ready for them to be sent out. I had almost forgotten about filing mine until I ran into my tax booklet last night. So I filled everything out and got it ready to be sent out. My mom is going to Dutch for a cash pick up, so she’ll mail it from Dutch for me. Happy to know I got that taken care of and out of the way! I figured it was time to de-frag my work computer, and do a disk cleanup, since there was nothing else to really do.

I didn’t sleep too well last night. I don’t know why it felt like all my muscles wanted to do something, probably bothering me to go workout, but it go to late last night to be working out… I’ve been slacking the last couple days on my exercise routine, but at least I’m trying (which is more than some people do). At least I don’t have as bad a sweet tooth as I used to, I love chocolate – especially dark chocolate. My hubby isn’t a big fan of chocolate, so he helped me not each as much as I used to by not having it around as much. We usually share stuff when we eat, and I’d feel guilty eating it to myself. So I kind have just slowed down, which is a good thing if I’m trying to watch my weight! I’ve slowed down on my soda habit, I used to drink a lot of pop, and I mean a LOT! I’d get withdrawal symptoms if I didn’t drink a pop (I think my body was becoming depended on the caffeine, I have been a big Mountain Dew fan since I was like 10!), I’ve slowly weaned myself down to less than a 6pk a day (I swear we used to drink at least 12 or more 12oz cans a day, my hubby hasn’t slowed down though – he don’t have weight issues, his problems is with his teeth…). I don’t really eat any candy anymore… I don’t really eat chip and dip anymore… down to eating lunch, and dinner. And if I do snack I try to keep it small, and healthy. I love cheddar cheese and fruit (especially apple slices and grapes) with plain yogurt on the side!

Well the plane came in early today, flying over the village at 11:13AM, and pulling up on the ramp a couple minutes later. Not sure what they have coming in or what’s going out. But at least it came in, beautiful day for flying today. Patchy cloudy skies, a calm light blue peeking out from behind the clouds. It’s super clear out; if you were in a boat in the harbor you could probably see Unimak Island looming in the far distance behind Akun Island! My mom rushing around to get down to the plane, she’s always one of those last minute people, I’m really happy I like to be prepared! She should be back on this afternoon’s flight. :) The internet turned back on at about 11:30AM, yay!

Not sure what we’re going to eat for lunch today. I know the café is having pork chops for a special today and my hubby wanted to go there for dinner tonight. At least I know I don’t have to cook a dinner tonight. YAY! But I think I’m just going to have grilled ham and cheese with soup. Well the hubby has soup, I just have a grilled ham and cheese. :)

Where did this year go already, we already have to “Spring ahead” and turn our clocks ahead an hour tomorrow night! I cashed a couple checks, about 3 people so far have put money on their store accounts, not bad considering that I only dealt with 6 checks so far and it’s only 3PM. The hubby decided that he was going to cook steam bath again tonight, so I have something to look forward to after work. I am so tired and lazy today because I didn’t get sleep that great last night. Hopefully bath makes me feel better! I paid a couple personal bills online, other than that, just entering paperwork into the spreadsheets (always seems like that never ends…). Not too bad today, pretty good amount of people coming up to the office, most needing copies or addresses/phone numbers to other businesses.

The second flight flew over town at 4:03PM, pulling up on the ramp minutes afterwards. I know there is a little bit of outgoing mail, I was just down at the post office before the plane flew over. I guess my mom had some business to deal with and didn’t make the second flight back, but hopefully the weather is nice and she’ll make it home tomorrow. I’ll get the paperwork done up, go to steam bath and enjoy a pork chop dinner at the café tonight. Nothing else planned except to enjoy being at home with my hubby and the pups!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Ta ta for now......

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