Friday, March 20

Friday, March 20, 2009

Well I took the day off from work today. I got almost everything I need to get done, done yesterday. So I called down and asked if I can stay home so I can bake stuff for the school's bake sale tomorrow.

From what I saw outside the weather seemed beautiful, but no planes. There are masses of sea gulls just outside my door down on the beach. Wonderful to wake up hearing them sing to each other! Today is officially the first day of spring, but it sure doesn't feel that way! Temps stayed in the low 30's.

I stayed home to bake up a storm for the school's bake sale tomorrow. I got about 18 loafs of white bread, 10 loafs of cinnamon raisin bread, 140 peanut butter cookies, 50 chocolate chip cookies, about 35 oatmeal raisin cookies and 2 angel food cakes baked up today. Tomorrow I am making corn bread muffins, 2 more angel food cakes, and frying up some alaadikax^ and if I have time I'm going to make some cinnamon rolls, depending on how early I wake up.

So I was pissed and had made 3 big batches of bread dough, when I realized that the yeast I was using wasn't working at all. After a couple hours nothing was going on with my dough. I went back down to the store and they found some Fleishman's yeast, so I bought up some of those and went back home and had no problems with my bread rising. So I was able to get all my bread baked up with out any more headaches of them not rising! I was so pissed to throw away all that dough, they wouldn't have made good alaadikax^ either because they would have been "heavy." What a waste of time and flour!!

Other than that nothing much going on with me today. We ate at the cafe for lunch, had the usual and the hubby had chicken nuggets. Then we had microwave food for dinner, Hungry Man Turkey dinner :P Something quick and easy since I was already busy in the kitchen baking!

So the bake sale is at noon tomorrow, and I believe the kids are setting up somewhere by the store. So make sure you show up and buy up all these goodies and help support our kids! I heard they got some money from some of the local businesses and only need 2 grand now!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! TTFN

Mass seagulls on the beach...
I ran over and looked over the ledge of the bank and clicked pix of the sea gulls on the beach infront of my house. Hopefully good egg picking this year!


  1. Can you share the recipe for the Alaadikax? I think that is the fry bread if I'm not mistaken. You'll have to share pics of the sea gull egg picking- that should be interesting.

  2. Feed the failed dough to the seagulls.....more eggs!

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  4. thanks for caring about education April Dawn and doing ALL that baking. Many teachers spend hundreds to thousands per year out of pocket to fund their classrooms properly. PTA/PTO funding is such a blessing.

  5. A while back you had mentioned that the Tribal Counsel had procurred Hailbut Subsistence Cards for the entire village. I got to thinking and was wondering if you also have Seal & Sea Lion subsistence cards. Would Darryl be allowed to harvest seals and sea lions and gull eggs or do you have to be a member of the tribe and have a card authorizing this? Do you also need authorization to gather sea gull eggs? I think this would make for an interesting post.

  6. They didn't get cards for the entire village, just those of us that are enrolled with our tribe. You have to be a decended to be enrolled, it isn't something you can just get - unlike residency. No I have never heard of a sea/sea lion subsistance card. And No Darryl wouldn't be able to particiate in any of the harvesting, but he is more than welcome to get some if he asked once we do get any. Only authorization we have to have for gathering eggs is to make sure we keep track of how much we got per house hold so we can fill out a subsistance survey. We have to do surveys for: halibut, birds and eggs, and sea/sea lions, which are done yearly buy a person who works for our Tribe - who is also working with people from the state so they can pass on the gathered information.

    There is no way that I know if for a non-tribal enrolled person to join in our subsitance harvests. But there is nothing that says that once we have it we can't barter/share it with other people, but we're not allowed to sell any of it legally - that I know of.


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