Thursday, January 29

Thrusday, January 29, 2009

Still a cold windy/snowy day, but that doesn't stop my dogs from doing their thing. The street lamps are back on down our end of town. Looks like the Independence (Indy) moved from across the bay to our side of the harbor, can see it really good from my porch!

Was a very cold walk down to the office this morning, but I bundle up good before leaving my house! Nothing much going on in the office. Going through the list of recalled peanut butter products. We fortunately don't have any of the items on the recall list, but I noticed a few that Trident Store might have... I hope they know about the recall...

I swear one of my main weaknesses I can share with everyone is online shopping. I am an online shop-a-holic! I love bidding on ebay, shopping at,,,,,, columbia house dvd club and to name a few... There really is no other way to shop here on the island! Of course some times I end up ordering stuff that I probably didn't need to be getting in the first place, but that doesn't really stop me from getting it most the time!! :P

We had sloppy joes for lunch. We already have dinner planned from yesterday. The weather isn't really snowing as much, it pretty much cleared up and the sun has come out - offering little to no heat, but still blinding in the little coating of snow/ice left on the ground. It's still blowing pretty good, picking up the snow off the ground and blowing it around. Still looks like it's going to get dark and start snowing again.... Hopefully the afternoon goes by fast, nothing too important going on in the office. My mom got some charge slips and all our other receipt book supplies from NEBS, we are running low(our last order lasted almost 3 years!) I need to see if I should get an office supply order done up. We got our grocery bag order in last time we got planes in, so that should be good for a while, hopefully!! I got my hubbie's taxes e-filed, so he doesn't have to worry about it. I always laugh because I do his at H&R Block, and we see those commercials for it... and I always tell my hubby that he don't have to worry, he has people... LOL!!

I have a couple shows I want to catch tonight on television -one of them being the 1st episode of Fox's tv show Hells Kitchen! I love Gordon Ramsey, he has such a passion for cooking, I don't care if he's cussing and yelling - he wants it right the first time - plus those people should know what they are getting into before even going on his show, it's Chef Gordon Ramsey for goodness sake! I love playing Hells Kitchen on my Wii!

Pic is of the snow blowing off the hill, I'm standing by the City office's looking at the East end of Akutan -where my house is located.

So I've been blogging for about a week now and I'm not sure exactly how many people are reading this... but I would like to Thank Everyone for being interested in reading what I write. Makes me feel good in a way to know that I can share a little bit of my life with everyone! The only reason I started a blog was because I wanted to post a comment on our P.A. Darryl's blog, in order to do so I had to start an account. Then the next day I decided what the hell, you know?!?! I though, "I'm going to try this out." I'm pretty happy a week later knowing how many people are actually interested in what I'm doing and what's going on here! I will try to find interesting stuff to write about, your suggestions are always welcome! Thank you so much for reading my blog!!

~April Dawn~


  1. You're not alone April, we are reading about you! Unalaskans are also internet shopping addicts...sometimes I get started bidding on ebay and can't stop.

  2. I love the way you write. I, too, am an online shopping addict. I got away from ebay, only because I was accumulating way too much useless (but fun) stuff! Keep blogging, girl!

  3. I always say I am the queen of online shopping since moving to Unalaska! I LOVE to check the mail! Of course, ours gets in much more regularly than yours, so I imagine it is even more exciting when your packages arrive. Keep on writing, you are doing great!

  4. Love your BLOG!!! Keep it up. I have added a link on my site, hope you do not mind.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to share your life with us. I find learning about how other people live - esp in such a unique place - fascinating! I love on line shopping too! I love being able to sit in PJ's in the AM or late PM...not having to go anywhere...AND I always get much better deals via on line clearance sales!

  6. lol I was telling my husband about your blog tonight. I said its like I can hear her voice in my head as Im reading. I used to shop online a lot, but stopped due to funds getting low lol. I just ordered a bunch of shirts for my daughter though...she grows like a weed. Keep posting and we will keep reading!

  7. You had mentioned that you do enjoy seal and sea lion. I was wondering if anyone on the island makes seal or sea lion jerky and would be willing to sell some. I would love to try it. Also posing the same question to all you Unalaskans.

  8. I heard of natives up north doing that, drying seal meat... but I have never really seen anyone do that here before... sorry.. we make dry fish though! :D


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