Sunday, January 25

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We woke up to another clear, beautiful morning! There is always that slight chill hanging in the air this time of the year. We had highs in the mid 30's, lows in the high 20's, slight northwesterly breeze whispering through the air. The sky was painted a beautiful pink red, and it turned a deep red before the sun finally popped over the mountains.

As usual for the past couple days, we went down and took the dogs out for a walk. We've been taking our 2 down and my parents out to the ball field to play some fetch. Didn't seem to see many people today. We saw the PA (Physicians assistant) walking around when the first flight was coming in around 11:30, said good morning to him. I'm excited that today is the day my mom and great uncle come home, so no more having to worry about going into town to walk their dogs any more! I believe they are on the second scheduled flight, hopefully the weather holds up. Just before noon we started to get some snow squalls. One moment it's blue sky and sunny, next thing it's dark out and snowing, a little bit of rain then back to clear out. I took a pic of what it looks like straight off my porch looking across the bay with the snow squalls and sun popping out! I realized what time it was and ran over to the store just before noon and got the paper work out for the day!

We watched a couple of our new movies we got in. Thinking about sending our GameFly games back for different ones. GameFly is like netflix for gamers!! Right now I have Paper Mario for my Wii and my hubby was playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360. I'd have to check what i have next on my list... but I think its an awesome way to test games before you decide to throw $60 down the drain for it. I hate getting games and never playing them because it wasn't what I expected it to be. So I LOVE GameFly!

The second scheduled flight made it in just after 4. Seems like they were timing today's flights perfect with the gaps in the snow squalls. We almost thought the plane would turn around, then here it came around the corner! I love seeing that plane come in, going to be sad when we get our runway one day and they retire it - but we all know its going to happen one day... but we'll see what kind of planes will start to fly here. I believe they are planning on building a 5,100ft (4800ft paved) by 75ft wide runway on the adjacent island of Akun (I'm not exactly sure on those numbers, but that's what I think I can remember reading one day.). There is a lot of work on what they are planning... so we'll see exactly how long this project takes to finish.

Didn't really cook anything for lunch... had some chips and salsa. But we had tacos for dinner! I brought home a handful of Taco Bell's Fire sauce, I just love love love that stuff on my tacos!! My sister should be sending me a handful more... since my closest TB is 750 miles NE of here! I get our lettuce from either Trident or the cafe for $2.00 a head.

Pix posted are:

The first one is of the snow squalls moving across the bay with a hole of blue sky and sunshine beaming through the dark clouds. You can just barely see the F/V Independence anchored across the bay on the right side of the pic.
The second one is from my father-in-law -after he ran home to get his camera- of this morning's sunrise and one of the like dozen trees planted on the island.


  1. I am also a fan of the TB fire sauce. Post a PO box and maybe you will be inundated with those lovely little packets LOL. Wouldn't that be a hoot. I for one would go on a scavenger hunt for them.

  2. ha ha .. that would be sweet! maybe I wouldn't have to bug my sister as much. My PO box here on the island is : 106. ;)

    Thanks for suggesting that. :)


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