Saturday, January 31

Saturday Night, January 31, 2009

I still can't believe it's the end of the month already! The dog show was pretty good, I recorded it so my hubby can watch it later! I think I made him a dog person too!

It's super cold out still and blowing pretty hard once and a while, and my hubby is still out doing the barge. At least he's making some good hours this time, we have 3-4 people who work and we have to rotate them so they all get equal hours. And this barge was finally my hubby's turn to go up! Too bad the weather had to be so crappy out, only makes things slow down because it starts to get dangerous. I ended up walking down to get the 4-wheeler from by my parents house. What a crappy walk, but the dogs really enjoyed it. I bundled my Chi Roscoe up in like 2 sweaters and a coat! My lab Tug doesn't care, he just wants out and he especially loves the snow! He's like a little kid jumping in and out of snow banks!

I'm just going to sit around and keep flipping channels until my hubby calls for a ride home! The only reason why I walked down and got the bike in the first place. Trident is like a 20-25 min walk from my house, and that's in good weather! He's working pretty long and I don't want to have to have him out in that sh**y weather any more longer than he has to be. So I'll be sitting by my phone patiently waiting! He's going to sleep good tonight, and so am I. It's so weird, when you're used to having someone in your bed, and when they aren't there, it's so hard to fall asleep! Probably why I didn't sleep in as long as I wanted to this morning!

Well I hope everyone is having an exciting Saturday night, mine was spent at home watching the AKC dog show then just aimlessly flipping through channels trying to find something that catches my interest... nothing yet.... almost makes me want to put my home videos on from our Los Angeles trip last year! My husband and I love Los Angeles...... Can't wait to go back again! We are roller coaster/adrenaline junkies! We've been sky diving, on every ride southern California and Las Vegas has to offer as of November 08, and we're constantly looking for that next big "thing" to come along and get our heart pumping! I think the next thing I'd like to do is get in a shark cage and go swimming with the great whites..... but we'll see how long it takes for that to ever happen! We also want to go to Cedar Point, Ohio and get on this ride called Top Dragster :

Ok I'm out till tomorrow... take care everyone! Pray for good weather for me so my Dante to make it into my arms quickly! Thank you! :D


  1. Hi April,
    I think you are a natural diary keeper. You can chronicle your days in an interesting, reader friendly manner. I wish my studennts could write the quanitiy and quality you can.

  2. Congrats on the new family member! I am a big dog person too. Wish I could have one here. Let me know if you hear of any available.
    Nice blog - nice to have two accounts online of what's going on in the metropolis that is Akutan. I don't think I can write as much as you, though.


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