Saturday, January 31

My new baby boy, Dante Cortez

My new baby has his airline ticket and I can't wait to hold him in my arms! Hopefully somehow the weather clears up for a day and lets him come home to me (crossing my fingers). Here is a pic of him when he was a little pup, he was born on 7/26/08! I can't wait to meet my new little addition to my family!

I am watching the AKC Eukanuba Championships on Discovery Channel. I love dogs!!

Thank you CB for all your help, it's greatly appreciated!


  1. Congrats on getting the puppy - he's so cute. Hope he gets there soon! I have a golden retriever and a bassett hound. And I'm watching the AKC Eukanuba Championships but on Animal Planet. I didn't know they were both showing it but I just checked it out and they are.

  2. Thats pretty cute for a little dog. We hope to get a Golden Retriever once we move to our own place. Our current landlord wont let us have one. Hope you get him to you soon!

  3. Just e-mailed you my contact info!!!
    And he is super cute, I may hope for bad weather just to hang on to im for a while!!!

  4. I am loving the one ear up and one ear down look he has going. He is super cute. Big dog lover here also. I can't wait the WKC show next week.


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