Friday, January 30

Friday, January 30, 2008

TGIF already! Woke up to a beautiful snowy morning. In the distance you can hear the sweet sounds of the rock ducks calling to each other as they bob up and down in the water out in front of town, groups of 10 or more. Seagulls flocking in the harbor, crying for more food from the fishing boats. The sky is heavily dropping these huge fluffy snowflakes. I felt like little kid again, walking to work with my mouth wide open catching some of the delicate frozen powder on my tongue. Giggling to myself as I reminisce my childhood days when we used to have lots of snow to play in. We'll be lucky if this snow lasts! It feels really cold out compared to the above freezing temps we've been having this winter so far, the temp this morning is hanging out right around 20F! George is out on the snow blower clearing the boardwalks, he might be busy all day if this snow keeps up the way it's falling!

Quiet all morning... my mom running around getting her work done. I have some paperwork to enter into the computer, but no real rush on it. End of the month so I'll be busy on Monday getting billing done up. Always something to do the first week of the month. I don't know how I forgot to do December billing, probably all the holiday rush I was caught up in. So I'm going to write a quick apology letter and put both months billing on one invoice. The weather is clearing up a bit, getting sunny out again. Beautiful baby blue skies and wisps of clouds looks like someone painted them up there! I took a pic of what it looks like from out my office window. Then all the beautiful weather gets blocked out by more heavy snow squalls passing by.

We're going to have a small lunch today, cooking up some tater tots (I like to bake them in the oven, they have enough grease in them). I guess you can say we try to watch what we eat, so far I have lost over 35lbs over the last 2 years. I cut almost all candy and junk food, and I'm trying to slow down on my "drinking" habit. I know they say natives have a problem with drinking, but my problem is more related to the soda industry! I rarely drink alcohol and when I do, it's a glass of wine at dinner (or one too many Pina-colada's on vacation). I am getting pretty happy with my body, I never really had great self-body confidence, but now I'm starting to learn to love the way I look. I still wouldn't mind dropping another 20lbs... but slow and steady is the healthy way I'm trying to achieve my goals. I don't really exercise as much as I would like, but at least I walk to work (which is about 5 mins one way, lol). I think our PA is nuts for running out in our weather sometimes, but he's more committed to it than I am. If I put more effort in it I'd probably see bigger changes, but I don't want drastic changes - slow and steady is the way I'm going!

More snow squalls all afternoon, nothing on the plane yet. I don't know if it will clear up long enough for them to make the 20 min flight over... I ordered my hubby a new coat, the one he has now doesn't want to zip anymore - at least it lasted like 2 years! They are still digging up some of the power lines, checking them to make sure there isn't any problems. I guess along the line power is "leaking" out somewhere and all the juice isn't making it to the end of town I live at, which is making the City's generators overwork by trying to cover the work load needed to run all the building down that way. So hopefully they find what they are looking for!

There was absolutely nothing on tv last night except for Hells Kitchen... the news was even kind of boring. Hopefully tonight will differ... oh and yeah, so when did Conan O'Brian start this count down to the end of his show? I heard that he's only going to have like 2 weeks left?? I know Jay Leno was leaving, but I don't ever recall hearing anything about Conan. Late nights aren't ever going to be the same. At least I can say we went to 2 live taping of the Tonight Show, once in 2006 and we just went again last November. His show is ending sometime in May.

I got an email from one of my best friends about a puppy that needs a home. A cute little chihuahua that looks almost just like my Roscoe. We were thinking about getting another little puppy sometime this year, it's almost like it was meant to be! My friend knows a lady who unfortunately has to get rid of the little pup, who's name is Dante, and she has 2 other people who are going to look at him tomorrow. However, if by any chance they don't take him, she's going to call me. So I'm hoping maybe this is the little baby I've been waiting for! I'm trying not to keep my hopes up too high, but I'm really excited. If I do get him I have to find a way to get him home... shouldn't be too hard to get him to Dutch then over to here! We'll see.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Not too bad this afternoon. Actually had some people come up and cash some checks. City salary employees who get paid middle and end of the month. I also had a Trident employee show up to cash his check. Matthew stopped by and cashed in some quarters. We accept everyones change here in the office, always great to have a little stash of coins so we don't have to pick it up at the bank in Dutch as often. Plus both businesses and people depend on us to have rolls of coins; i.e. people get quarters for the washers and dryers, and the Post Office will get coins so they can make change(they go thru a lot of dimes and pennies). You wouldn't believe how much coins we can bring over and we still run out!! Then all I have to do is post a sign up asking everyone to bring me their change. After seeing some of the amounts brought in, it isn't hard to see where all the coins went! I too am also one of those people who put all my coins in a "piggy bank," and when it gets full I bring it up and cash it in! But some people's piggy banks are pretty big and takes a long time to fill before they bring it in. All in all, bring them up counted or not, we can always use them! The Corp has a change making machine in the Laundry mat that accepts $1 and $5 bills and spits out quarters. But sometimes it gets a jam and I have to go down and check it. I think I'm the only one who read the whole manual for that thing and I know how to run it properly (which isn't hard at all)!

I don't have anything really planned for dinner tonight. Might go to the cafe, or just heat something up in the microwave! Gotta get the house cleaned up. When we're both working, we seem to slack a bit on the cleaning part (mostly the damn dishes). I am super happy to be able to sleep in tomorrow!! Can't believe it's already the end of the first month of this new year! People were right, they told me that after I turn 21, time is going to fly by.... I swear waiting to turn 21 took forever! Now I am looking at 26 already!! I have been through a lot, but I have no regrets about anything and would happily do it all over again!!

I am going to go mail my niece Kenzie Personal Trainer: Cooking on Nintendo DS for her 9th birthday, which is on the 6th of February. I figured it would be great for her to start getting in the kitchen and learning how to use it. I was her age when I got interested in cooking and baking. I'm hoping this gives them both a great chance to learn some new recipes and to bond as mother and daughter! There are some pretty awesome recipes in there, that teach you step by step, just we don't have a store where I can go out and get everything all the time. So I figured they would benefit more from it than I would. :) Hope they like it!

Well, I don't think the plane is going to even try today and I believe my dad flew down from Anchorage, so he's obviously stuck in Dutch Harbor until the weather either clears up or he finds a boat. I should see when the barge is due in, my hubby's turn to work this week! But at least it wamed up 7 degrees since this morning. Well, have a great Friday night! Later everyone! ;)


  1. Just let me know if your Da needs anything while he is here. 581-7142 for my Direct line.

  2. I'm not sure exactly if he flew down or not. He usually won't leave Anchorage unless he knows he can make it home in one day :P but thank you!

  3. I really do enjoy reading your blog. LOL@Darryl. Yes hes a dedicated runner.

  4. Since sea otter seem to be so plentiful in the area are they harvested as a food source? We know seal and sea lion are,(me sad- no jerky).
    I also have access to dried fish- dried cuttlefish which is excellent- fish jerky which can be found in oriental markets for those of you who are interested. Yum- well I grew up on it-perhaps an acquired taste for some.

  5. hmmmm I'd have to ask around to the elders... but I've never heard of eating sea otters, only taking their furs.... maybe next time I get fresh sea or sea lion I'll try to dry some up for ya ;) (probably be easy in a dehydrator, but I don't have one of those!) I'd have to hang it and wait for it to dry, but it's too cold out side - it would probably just freeze... lol...


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