Thursday, July 31

Has it really been 2 years since I last posted?

OMG has it really been almost 2 years and a month since I last signed on here and filled anything in?!?!?!?! Why isn't anyone pushing me to keep this updated, make me find the time!! ;)

Well A LOT has been going on in the past 2 years, so much that it's going to be hard to get this updated correctly, but I will try my best to let you all know what's been going on in my life here on the Rock! I will try to get a post up weekly now if I can, I had to remember how to even sign back onto my blog! Give me a couple days or so and I will try to get as many updates as I can posted up for everyone!

So it's the end of July 2014 already! Where has the year gone already? I swore it feels like just the other day the snow was melting and the days were getting longer and starting to warm up.... now we're already less than a month from experiencing our first freeze.... The fireweed is slowly blooming (in full bloom that means summer is over and fall is here), another sign that summer is wrapping up to an end. I didn't even get out to get any salmon this year, maybe I will get some pinks (humpies) and dry them but I know I"m SOL on getting some reds put away this year. I will try to make up for it by getting mass berries put away! Speaking of the fireweed, seeing the blooms pop out (from the bottom up) makes me wanna go out and pick some to make a batch of fireweed jelly!! It's labor extensive but it's well worth the sweet pink jelly!! The salmonberries are starting to ripen, so are the blue berries and moss berries! I've already picked a couple handfuls with my kids, who jammed those handfuls into their mouths as fast as they could! The island is as green as an emerald and shines when the sun decides to come out of the fog and clouds!! The fresh smell of the low tide on the beach, sweet and salty with a hint of seaweed - makes the summer days even more to treasure!! Listening to the seagulls sing, the waves washing up on the beach, a distant rosy finch singing into the morning light, and once in a while you hear whales blowing water out of their blowholes when they take a breath and in the sky elegant eagles swooping around, scoping out the salmon jumping in front of the creeks they are waiting to span in. Mexican swallows gobbling up as many bugs as their little mouths can catch, and a pair of kingfishers who like to show up, all makes our summers that much more magical!

My babies are growing up fast! Veronika is already 4 and had her first year of preschool last year, she will repeat it this year since she's not old enough for Kindergarten yet. My boys, Brandon and William, are in their terrible 2's and currently getting their second year molars in.... I don't like the teething phase and I doubt they like it either!!

Give me a couple days to work on my next posts and I will do my best to get everyone updated and informed on what's going on here on the Rock!!

Until I get back on again, take care and keep reading!!

Always your blogger,
April Pelkey