Tuesday, June 19

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well looks like I had to upgrade to this Google Chrome to get access to my blog once again. I was procrastinating downloading but figured I better if I want to write on here!

So it's been a busy last couple months! My boys are already 3 months old!! They have such great personalities already!! They always seem so happy and giggly, I love hearing their little coos and awws. It's still hitting me that I have 2 lil boys, makes me cry when I sit and stare at them thinking what they are going to be like when they get older and how we're going to handle all 3 kids.... Roni loves her brothers and is very helpful, always giving a helping hand when it comes to diaper changes and showing them toys to play with and she's always giving them kisses on the head! She's such a great big sister!!

Summer is slowly showing up here in the Aleutians. The last couple days we've been having blue skies, sunshine and you can feel the warmth of the sun. Still a lot of snow on the hills yet, my hubby and I are betting that it probably won't all melt before it starts to snow again but time will only tell if it stays that long. The sea gulls are laying eggs and some people in town harvested them a couple times. It was really good to have a fresh sea gull egg custard pie!! Still waiting for the red salmon to start hitting the nets, only a few here and there but nothing big. The salmonberry bushes are starting to push their delicate little pink flowers out and the bumble bees have been buzzing around them - a promise to berries in the fall!! The island is slowly turning green, I love when the island are all emerald green in the summer!! And the fresh summer smelling air - green grasses, the ocean, flowers..... makes a person smile to wake up and experience our short summer season!

The Eagles are patiently waiting for the salmon to show up too. I love hearing them screech and scream and make their pretty eagle sounds mixed in with the tweets of the little Rosy Finches and the clicking sounds the Kingfishers make, then the swoop of a little Mexican Swallow enjoying it's meal of all the little flying bugs that are coming out with the mornings sun. Yes summer in Akutan is peaceful and beautiful, I am very greatful for where I call home!!

The state ferry has been doing it's runs every 2 weeks, the last couple times it came we had really nice weather for all the tourists. I love when Mother Nature gives them great weather to enjoy when they come out here. The first couple times the ferry came in we were still having winter-like weather and it stormed hard when they came, but now that summer is settling in hopefully it'll be nice every time they come in, hopefully!

The airport project is coming along and they should be finished by August and up and running by September (that's their plans anyways, we'll see if that's what goes on), the boat harbor is moving along great - they are starting to get the breakwater put in, dumping lots of rocks in the bay to make their little protecting wall. I heard they are moving along with getting the road project to the boat harbor so pretty soon they should be getting that project started. There are electricians here working on  laying new power lines to all the houses, so they are tearing up a lot of ground - detours around where they are working since they are pulling up the boardwalk and sometimes having ditches run across where we usually walk/drive - the city has a crew behind them working on putting the boardwalk back down after they have moved on. The daycare has the foundation and floor down, now it looks like they are working on getting the walls and what not started, they should be finished by this fall. I also heard the cafe is supposed to open this coming month, finally!! So that's a little bit of news about the happenings going around town right now.

I have pix I need to get uploaded I'll get that done hopefully this week sometime of the boys, Roni, and miscellaneous stuff.

Well I know that it's been a while since my last post. I really need to start keeping up on my blog. I'll try to get another post written, most likely after I get some pix uploaded :) Ok well I have to get my day started and get ready for work!