Friday, August 12

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wow has it really been over a month since I last checked in?!?! Time goes by way too fast!

I can't believe how fast summer has gone by already, and I haven't even gotten a tan!! The island is fully green and most of the berries are starting to ripen up. The reds have come and gone - no one really got any this year, I was lucky to get 6 for my freezer!!! My hubby and his cousin went out a couple days go and loaded up on 400 pink salmon - 60 of which we split and dried, the rest was handed out to people in town!! So with the fish my hubby and mom got while I was in Anchorage and the 60 we just got I have just under 100 humpies drying on my dry rack!! Yay!!! I always send some to my cousin in North Carolina and to my younger sister in Anchorage!!

I went to Anchorage for a couple weeks - I left on the last ferry July and came back on the first ferry in August! I got a lot of dental work done that needed to be done, well not "a lot" but it was a lot of sitting and waiting on standby to get in for an appt!! Thanks to my sister Ivy for watching Roni while I got my dental work done!!! Also Roni is all caught up on her shots, she ended up getting 6 shots total... poor baby.... Then I had appts and had my blood drawn multiple times, followed by an ultrasound the day before I came home. So I did end up having a miscarriage, then I ended up getting pregnant again.... and this time according to the ultrasound, we're having TWINS!!! OMG I can't explain how excited I was to see that!! I've always wanted twins!! Now to just take care of myself and be extra careful and make sure that these two little angels make it to full term!!! I think I'll be done having kids after this though, one of us is getting "fixed"!!! But you should have seen the looks on my sister Ivy's and my face when we noticed the ultrasound tech writing "fetus A" and "fetus B" on the ultrasound screen! I about wanted to get off the table and start jumping for joy!! I couldn't wait to call the hubby and family!! This is the first time anyone on my side of the family got pregnant with twins!! We are due around April 4, 2012 or so according to the measurements taken during the ultrasound!! Please pray for me to make it to full term with both of them being healthy and happy!! I am hoping for the best!!

Other than that it was great to go up and spend some time with my sister and niece!! My older sister and her 2 girls even drove up from Valdez for a weekend to spend time with all of us! We got some pictures taken of our girls!! They turned out beautiful!!! I miss spending time with my neices!!! It was a great couple week get away, but I missed work, my dogs and especially my bed!!! I can't believe there was only a couple days of nice weather, other than that it rained almost the whole time!!! All in all I enjoyed spending time with my out of town family and being able to go shopping!!

I have to go back to Anchorage for my 12 week prenatal check up and to get another ultrasound to check on the babies!! I'm excited!!! Speaking of babies, any day Cali should pop out her 2nd litter!! This time we mated her with Dante (my smaller chi that I rescued a couple years ago, the same chi that CB from Dutch Harbor Dirt watched for me) I am starting a list of people who are interested in a puppy. I am still stuck on what to sell them for but so far I have come up with around $50 for people here in Akutan, $150 for people in Dutch Harbor and $300 for anyone else that I have to ship them to. The prices out of Akutan cost more just for supplies (kennel and what not) and shipping charges. They will be fully registered with the AKC and CKC. They come in an assortment of colors, short and long hair, ranging from 3lbs to 6-7lbs. They have a great temperment and are free from any genetical defects. I am working on writing up a puppy contract. They should be ready for their homes sometime in October (10 weeks old). They will have had their first set of puppy shots and hopefully there is a certified person here on the island to admister their rabies shots! Once we figure out all our expenses we'll set the prices for sure, but those are my estimates so far. Also I am only really selling them to people I know who are going to give the pups a great home and not have them be abused or neglected! I'm going to work out all those details in a puppy contract!

I heard the airport project is moving along great and that it's starting to take shape and starting to look more like an actual runway!! That's pretty exciting. Also the boat harbor project is looking more and more like the projected pictures of the finished product! They are working day and night on both projects! Pretty soon they will be starting the road project to the head of the bay where the boat harbor is located!!

Most of the older kids who came home to visit are all either gone back to where they are going to school or are getting ready to leave, it was great to have them all home for the last couple months! Right now the town is full of younger kids who are here visiting with their parents, it's awesome to see that many little kids running around!!!

Veronika is growing like a weed and learning so fast! She's really good at helping out at almost everything and understands more and more every day! She loves to play outside and chase the older little boys around! She enjoys 4-wheeler rides. She's starting to try to say bigger words, the biggest word she can almost say right is: Sponge Bob! She's such a great little helper! I love her to pieces and thank god everyday for giving me such a beautiful, smart little girl!! I think she's almost ready to start trying to potty train, she likes to point to her diaper and let us know when she's about to potty - and I was told thats the first sign that I can start to try to potty train her!!! They grow up too fast, next thing I know she'll be getting her drivers license, graduating and heading off to college!!!!

The weather here has been beautiful since I've been home!! Flat calm, foggy on days but tipping the scales around 60F+ Perfect weather for drying fish!! :D The fireweed is starting to bloom from the bottom up, when it hits the top blooms that's a sure sign that Fall is here!! I can't wait to start putting away salmonberries, blueberries and moss berries!! MMMMmmmm moss berry pie sounds great right now!!! I was able to save enough sea gull eggs to make a pie in Anchorage to share with my sisters!!! They seemed to enjoy it a lot!!! I'm out of sea gull eggs now until next year!

This Sunday is going to mark another anniversary for my hubby and me!! Officially it will be our 3rd anniversary (court marriage), we hit our 1 year church anniversary on July 25, but we've been dating/living together for almost 9 years already!! I swear time goes by way too fast!! Sunday will also mark 4 years since we first jumped out of a perfectly good airplane while on vacation in Hawaii!!! My hubby and our friend AJ are planning on going skydiving on our vacation (of course I'm not able to go since I'll be pregnant with the twins!). Roni and I will find other things to do while they are out being adventurous!! I'm looking forward to playing with her in the sand and water and showing her dolphins and sea turtles and everything else!! She's going to have so much fun, I can't wait!!! Plus it's going to be AJ's first time to Hawaii so we can't wait to take him around the island and show him everything Hawaii has to offer!!! I don't think he's going to be used to all the heat, but he should do great (as long as there is airconditioning, snow cones and lots of cold drinks!)

I have been doing great trying to get the word out about my Scentsy website and trying to people to order from me!! This month almost everything is 10% off since this is considered a transition month, next month the new Fall/Winter season starts!! There will be a lot of great new products. I love this month's scent "Just Breathe" it's a soothing mix of eucalyptus, lemon and mint. I think it's prefect for the upcoming cold season!! The Bring Back My Bar was a sucess last month!! I fell in love with a lot of the scents and hope I loaded up on enough of them!! Since I don't know if they will ever become available again! Remember you can always order from my website: and as always for every order you place your name gets put in my monthly drawing for a brick (a $20 value) of your favorite scent!! One winner is drawn on the 1st of the following month!!! So far my customers have enjoyed entering my drawing, I've had 5 winners so far (I started my drawing back in March). And as always I offer free replacement light bulbs for as long as I'm a consultant to all my customers!! It's a great product and I highly recommend it to everyone!! It's safer than candles and it's super easy to change out the scents when you want!! There are 80+ scents to choose from!! Please check out my website and look at the avail warmers and scents! I know you'll love it as much as I do!! And if you'd like to join the Scentsy team and sell it yourself you can sign up from my website!! Good luck and thanks for ordering with me!! Your Scentsy Independent Consultant!! :D

Well I'll try not to let it be over a month for my next check in!! Until then I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and has lots of fun before the first frosts appear (at least to this part of the world!) Take care and thanks for reading my blog!! TTFN!