Friday, July 8

Friday, July 8, 2011

Well I'm sad to say but we are no longer expecting due to me having a miscarriage.... :( We were told we can try again in 6 weeks or so.... I'm really sad but trying to not let it get me down. It's what God wanted and He will let me have a second baby when the timing is right.... Until then back to trying again!

The weather has been nice the last couple days and today it's blowing a bit but at least it's dry out! We have that luminous fog back too!! Yesterday it was sooo nice out (the calm before the storm), the sun stayed out until I got off work then it got cloudy, but that didn't stop me from bbq-ing up some fresh halibut that I got from my dad!!

Veronika is getting bigger and bigger everyday. I swear some days she looks a lot taller than she was a couple days ago! She has all of her teeth and she hates to have her teeth brushed but it has to be done! She still doesn't drink any juices (unless the granparents spoil her with some). I still need to get her weaned, but she's down to wanting it only when she's hurt or when she's tired. She is weighing in aroun 32lbs and I have to measure her to get her official height! She is wearing size 3T clothes (can still squeeze into 2T) and wearing size 7 shoes!! I can't believe how fast she's been growing!! Just shows how fast time goes by!!

Still waiting for salmon to show up like they did a couple years ago. I think I'm going to have to have the hubby borrow a net and skiff and go see what he can find out there... my dry rack, buckets and freezers are pretty empty (with salmon at least). My dad has been helping me fill my freezer with fresh halibut at least!! I'm loving using my Foodsaver to seal up all my fish!! I made some pickled salmon from my salted salmon from last year! It turned out awesome, Roni has been eating it up!! I need to send a couple jars to my sisters before we hog it all up!! I ordered some snagging hooks on eBay so I can at least go get me some humpies before all the fish are gone (that's when the humpies show up). Humpies (or pink salmon) are easier to dry!!

I am going to get my flower sprouts in dirt and put them in the window or outside and see how they do.... I think I started them way too late in the season for them to flower this year... but we'll see. My strawberry plants in my old bbq are flowering and looks like I'll have a lil bounty of fresh Aleutian strawberries this year!! I'm excited about that!! I harvested about 15 red bell peppers from my bell pepper plants!! They are sooo sweet tasting!! Even Roni liked them when I washed one and chopped it up!! We shared it with our canary Sylvester!!

The State Ferry is coming in again tomorrow. So I know people are going to do their Dutch run! We aren't going this trip... Saving up for our vacation!! Ohhh the other day we had an actual "cruise" ship come in the bay and they were dropping off passengers in town to check everything out. Too bad they came in really early on a weekend, way before anything was open!! But at least the weather was decent for them!! It was weird they all wore these bright red coats.... maybe it was a security thing with their boat. I didn't stop to ask any of them....

My hubby is really proud of his cruiser bicycle!! I got him a luggage rack, front basket, and a bell and now to surprise him I'm getting him a waterproof speaker set that hooks up to the handle bars and has an iPod hookup. I think I have to get him a new seat here sometime too... I rode his bike the other day and didn't like how the seat felt, he hasn't complained about it yet.... It's so cute how he treats his bike! LOL.... It's a really nice bike though!! He's just happy that he can take our groceries and mail home on it with no problems instead of carrying them by hand from the Store or Post Office all the way up to our house - which is located at the other end of town.

The island is super green right now, and before we notice it, everything is going to start dying and turn brown once again. The 4th of July was pretty nice!! We had a huge fireworks show!! We even had the AVO people and others not from here say that was the best fireworks show they've ever seen in AK yet!! It was over an hr of huge fireworks!!! Roni ended up watching for like 10 mins then passed out!! That girl can sleep thru anything!! The picnic and games were also fun, seemed like we had less games than we usually have but that because they decided to serve food half way into the games and everyone got to fat and full to want to play anymore games. But over all it was a great day! Veronika had a blast playing on the Bounce Around thing that one of the families shared with the kids. Veronika ended up getting a good lil tan, the only part on me that tanned was my feet :(

Hoping we get more good weather days before the summer ends!! Also hoping that we get some fish this year too to put away in our freezers!! We'll see though.....

Ok well I hope all is great with all you bloggers and blog readers!! Take care and until next time, TTFN!!

Friday, July 1

Friday, July 1, 2011

How the hell did it already become the 7th month of the year?!?! Time goes by way too fast and there is no way to slow it down and enjoy it!!!

Today it's a beautiful day on the Rock!!! The skies are blue, the sun is out, the wind is almost non-existant and the temp is hovering in the 50's!! We have been getting planes all day but they still aren't bringing any mail or cargo.... still waiting on my orders..... at least mail is getting off the island!!

The island is turning emerald green... people are out mowing their lawns and the ball field finally got mowed in anticipation of the 4th of July (which we are all hoping is a day like today!!) It's funny to hear people complain about it being "hot" outside and here I am in my sweater still complaining about it not being hot enough!!

Veronika is loving her new pair of sandels that she finally fits!! She's been loving playing outside with the kids and running around in the sunshine. She must have tired herself out because she's been napping for almost 3 hrs now!!!

The Alaska Volcano Observatory is on the island working on their seismic stations located on the island. Their helicopter has been running non-stop today, going back and forth and back and forth. It was cute watching Roni get that "what is that" look and point at it!! I keep telling her helicopter and she gives me this confused look! We joke to the dogs that it's not boarder patrol so they don't have to bark everytime it goes over the house!! LOL!!

Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks preggo already!! I can't wait to hear the heart beat and feel those first kicks!! I had the weirdest dream last night that I was giving birth and I had a baby girl... Maybe that's a sign but we'll try to see when I go to Anchorage for my ultrasound when I am 18-20 weeks along. It's exciting to know that I'm going to have a family of 4!!!

I put one of my first Scentsy orders in for the Bring Back my Bar scents!! I can't wait to get them in and start using them!! Jenifer Pelkey's name got pulled in my monthly drawing, there was a good amount of people who's names were entered in the drawing!! I love when I have a lot of names to draw from!! This month's warmer is called Cupcake and the Scent of the Month is called Happy Birthday - Bring back childhood memories of licking sweet, rich frosting off the beaters. Happy Birthday is a “candy-licious” confection of sparkling sugar, fluffy whipped cream, and warm vanilla extract. I can't wait to get that scent in too, I heard it's really yummy smelling!! Remember you can order at: :D

Ok well I'll try to get back on here in a couple days, I have to get my camera charged and get ready for all the big 4th of July festivities!!! I wish you all a safe and exciting weekend!!

Until next time, TTFN!!!