Tuesday, June 14

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wow has it really been that long since I last wrote in my blog, I feel disappointed about trying to keep this updated :(

The island is slowly turning green! The sea gulls are laying their eggs and I made my first custard pies last night (BTW they tasted awesome!!!). The red salmon are slowly showing up, the bumble bees are back checking on all the new flowers that have bloomed over the last week or so! The salmonberry bushes are budding and some even have their delicate pink flowers fully bloomed! I mowed my yard 3 times already, and it's due for a mowing again! I went on a dandelion killing spree the other day and ripped all those ugly yellow flowers out of my yard! Still debating whether or not I want to spray them with weed killer now....

The temps have been staying in the mid to high 40's and we've actually haven't been hit with too many summer storms. The plane is busy moving processors back and forth for the upcoming fishing season - so there goes hoping for mail!! Pen-Air does get some mail over to us once they finish moving the people, but at least mail is making it out!

The state ferry Tustemena is on it's summer run, making it here every 2 weeks. I like to try to jump on it once in a while for a day trip to Dutch Harbor to go shopping and for a change of scenery! Roni is a great lil sailor!!

My pups are getting big and a handful at times! They range in size from 7lbs to 2.5 lbs!! The long haired females are my bigger pups, so they will probably be the ones I breed with Dante (He's 5.5 lbs). The rest of them I'm going to have to get fixed since they aren't in a safe breeding size! Veronika loves playing with them and playing in their water dish!! They are all so lovey and have great personalities and temperaments. But I do have to tell you they are the greatest door bells!! Although they do like to bark when a 4-wheeler goes by the house, not knowing that it isn't coming to our house!

I harvested a couple bell peppers off my plants! They turned this beautiful red color and were the sweetest peppers I have ever tasted! My canary was happy with the ones I chopped up for him!! Now the rest of the peppers on some of the plants have less competition and hopefully grow big like the ones I harvested!

So I have some great news to share with everyone.... Akutan's population is going to go up by one this coming Valentine's Day, for I am 5 weeks pregnant!!! My hubby and I couldn't be more thrilled!! We put off trying for a couple months until last month and what do you know! Roni is going to be a great big sister! I just went thru Veronika's clothes the other day and put away all the stuff she don't fit and hung up all the bigger clothes that she's going to grow into! I am saving most of her clothes in case I have another girl - if we end up having a boy I think I might sell most of some of it on eBay! Try to get back some of the money I spent on all the clothes I got her... if not I'll find a baby I can hand them down to... I am super excited to be pregnant again though! I had my first prenatal appt yesterday - I hate getting my blood drawn.....

The boat harbor project is zooming along, and they have a lot done up there from some pictures my friends posted on FaceBook when they flew over it! I haven't heard much about the airport project but that is going along smoothly from what I do hear about it! They are pumping away night and day getting stuff done over there! I heard that they had to get rid of a bull cow that has been harassing the workers over there... so they are probably enjoying the fresh meat from the kill (depending on how tough and old the bull was).

Scentsy has a great looking warmer for this month's warmer of the month. It's called Star Spangled and it's the shape of a star with the American flag on it!! I think it's cute! The Scent of the Month is Peach a la Mode! I love how it smells!! And remember next month the Bring Back My Bar sale will be going on, where 20 discontinued scents will be available only in the month of July!! I am excited to stock up on some of them and try ones I never seen before!! Remember you can go to my website: http://www.aprilpelkey.scentsy.us/ to make your orders!! If you'd like to join and sell it yourself you can click on the join button from my website!! I appreciate everyone's business, not to mention for every order you place you get put into my monthly drawing for a brick of your favorite Scentsy scent!! (A $20 value) One winner gets picked on the 1st of every month for the order placed in the month prior! I also offer free light bulb replacements for your warmers! Just let me know if you need one and I'll get it off to you!! Also if you order with me I will send you the monthly Warmer and Scent of the Month fliers with a "Rub and Smell" sample of that month's scent!! Please pass the word on to all your friends and family! If you want a catalog just let me know and I'll get one out in the mail for you!!

So I am awaiting the grade to my first Lesson in my ENGL F111X class... I am hoping I did great, but you never know! It's been 10 years since I last took an English course and the only writing I really do is here on my blog and my FB posts! Other than that I don't really write much, especially academically! I hope to do great on this class, I am currently working on my next lesson which is a reflection resume explaining my objectives for taking this course, my past writing experiences and any out of school writing activities (such as my blog). And I have to start keeping a journal that compiles my thoughts and reflections about my completed writing, my activities during pre-writing and so forth about my journey to improve my writing skills!! I think I confuse myself and make it seem hard when really it isn't.... I just have to change the way I think about the course and do my best to get my stuff together and on paper! I do enjoy the challenge I get for trying to complete everything in timely order!! Feels good to know that I'm taking a college course again!

Well I have some stuff I have to get done here in the office. My co-worker is out for medical and won't be back for a month or so... so it's just me in the office, not a problem for me just more work to do! I will try to get a couple pictures uploaded later this afternoon!! Until then, TTFN!!


  1. Hey April,

    My name is Iva and I am from Macedonia. I found your blog when searching things about life in Akutan and i started reading it, it's great!
    Congratulations on your new baby and I think your daughter is adorable.
    I wanted to ask you if you can point out a post you maybe have already written with some tips and tricks for living in Akutan? My best friend's little brother will be arriving in Akutan tomorrow night to work this summer so I try to help him as much as I can with information about how to adapt sooner.
    Any advice or a post you can propose to me?

    Thanks so much,

  2. try to be friendly, dont' litter, don't touch other people stuff without asking... pretty much the same as any other place just we're isolated on an island with no cars just ATVs. Make sure you get boots because it can get muddy at the cannery (which is where I"m guessing they might be working).. just be respectful to our island and people and they should be welcome here! there is a local grocery store that stocks most of everything needed and Trident has their own lil store. I know in my very first post I talk about how it's like to live here but I would have to search thru my blog to find anymore.... I hope your brother travels safely and enjoys it here!


  4. Hello from Willow! Akutan sounds like a really neat place. Summer is the best season in Alaska.


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