Wednesday, May 25

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So we're debating whether or not to go to Dutch on the ferry again this weekend. I just don't like having to wake up around 4AM to get ready and by 5AM be down at the dock ready to board the ferry, then hoping they have staterooms available so I can lay Roni back down to sleep. But I am running low on my 16oz Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee+Energy Vanilla Flavor! I still can't find a vendor who will ship them to our store for us!

My bell peppers are about store bought size, so I was thinking of harvesting a couple and making stuffed bell peppers for dinner! I still don't understand why they are green and not yellow or orange when the seeds are from yellow and orange bell peppers.... I was thinking maybe they would change as they ripen but nope they are all still green.....

So I am stuck on what to write in my Personal Essay for my ENGL 111x course. I have to write an essay about an experience in my life where I learned something about my strengths or weaknesses. So I was thinking about writing about how no matter what you read, advise from other or watch on tv, nothing will have you more prepared to give birth than actually going thru with it. I am working on my patterns of organization, brainstorming and trying to figure out just how to get it started and send it in to my instructor. I'm excited to get my class started!! Looks like it might be a bit challenging but I hope to get a good grade on it!

I hope the weather dries up and starts to warm up, I'm jealous of the weather that Anchorage has been having!! It's nice and warm up there with sunny weather, while it's cold and wet down here... at least it's not as windy as it usually is! Not sure when we last got a plane in, going on a couple days now at least! I'm patiently waiting for CODs to come in from Wal-Mart (Cash on Delivery), I am running low on diapers for Roni so hopefully those come in and soon!! What I don't get is my mother-in-law got her chain saw in before I even got one COD in, and I did hers last before we left! You'd think that the ones I did before that would have made it in by now.... oh well "hurry up and wait" as my father-in-law would say!!

So Veronika is learning who she can wrap around her little finger! She knows I won't budge to her demands but both sets of grandparents and her daddy will not let her cry and lets her get her way! I won't let her rule me over though! She's a great lil girl but can get bossy at times! I still can't believe she has around 12 teeth in her mouth! I think it's time to start weaning her from nursing. She loves to brush her teeth and brush her hair and is starting to learn how to put her clothes on! One day she had her coat and hat on like she was all ready to go somewhere!

I'm looking forward to finally going to steam bath, taking bubble baths and long showers! For the last 3.5 weeks I've been caring for my new tattoo I got begining of the month, but pretty soon it should be fully healed and I can get it wet! Not fair that the hubby is cooking steam bath today and I can't go! Sounds soooo good too!

Oh and did I forget to mention that I think I have the flu that's going around? My stomach doesn't hurt and I'm not throwing up, but I have a fever and hot/cold chills and my body is aching really bad... I know a steam bath would help relax me but I can't be going (see previous paragraph). This is my first time getting sick since before I got pregnant with Veronika! Not to mention I strained/pulled a muscle in my neck and was told that it's going to take 10-14 days for it to heal! And since I'm still nursing Roni and I have ulcers I can only take so much medicine to help me, tylenol doesn't seem to be helping me much with the pain but at least it knocks the fever down! I just hope I'm feeling better and soon!

Ok well I hope all is going great with you bloggers and blog readers out there in the world! Until next time take care and TTFN!!

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