Wednesday, May 25

Bell Peppers and Veronika

Store bought pepper on the left, my homegrown pepper on the right!

Another plant comparing store bought to the ones I grewMy Pretty Princess in her cute Hello Kitty outfit!


  1. Wow you have some gorgeous looking peppers they look yummy. Aww how sweet she looks in her outfit wow she has grown. She is such a sweetie thanks for sharing the pictures have a great weekend .

    < oh if you have FB I'm cbk crabpot on there feel free to friend request me.>

  2. Did you know that all baby peppers start out green, then change color as they mature? In fact, when you’re growing bell peppers, some stay green until they mature to yellow or red, while others may turn white, lilac or purple before maturing to red, yellow or orange.
    You can eat peppers at whatever stage you prefer, but fully ripe peppers taste better and are more nutritious. Sugars and other flavor compounds accumulate during the final stages of ripening, and vitamin C content often doubles. The color change in ripening peppers is caused by the breakdown of chlorophyll, which coincides with the maturation of the seeds.
    For example, ‘Sweet Banana’ peppers are a pale, yellowish-green when the fruits are immature, then they slowly change to yellow, then orange and finally red.
    For early yields of colorful sweet peppers, it’s best to choose varieties that waste no time changing to their fully ripe color and flavor. Varieties that mature to red far outnumber those that mature to orange or yellow. The best fast-ripening red peppers to grow are ‘Gypsy,’ ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Ace.’
    At the end of the season, peppers picked when they have just begun to change colors will continue to ripen indoors when kept in a warm place.

  3. that's good to know... yeah I have one that's finally turning red! I got all excited! Right now I am growing them inside until the weather gets warm enough to put them outside! I didn't think they would produce peppers for me but they did!! I was originally growing them to feed to my red factor canary!

  4. Hi! I've just finished reading your blog from start to finish and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I've been to Alaska one time (last summer to Homer) and can't wait to return. You have given me a great insight as to what Village life is like. Thank you so much for sharing. Linda Sutherland


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