Friday, April 8

Friday, April 8, 2011

So we've been getting hit by some pretty big storms the last week or so! Last weekend we got hit with 100MPH winds and got over 2 feet of wet sleet/snow dumped on us, then on Monday the wind switched to a southerly and warmed up to around 50F and melted everything, then a couple days later we get hit with what the weather people are saying was no less than a category 3 hurricane. There was some damage in other villages around this area but everything was fine here in Akutan. Just had a coating of fresh salt water on everything from the wind picking up water off the bay and spraying it on everything! Then yesterday the weather cleared up for a bit and got warm - still not nice enough for a plane though.... then woke up today to strong and cold Northerly winds and a light dusting of snow. It's almost like winter isn't going to go anywhere without putting up a good fight!! It's been a while now since we've gotten a plane..... All I know is that there are a lot of boats anchoring out in our bay because they don't want to be out in the 35+ foot seas outside of our bay! I don't think I'll ever want to see seas that huge! 6-10ft seas are big enough for me!!

Veronika got her 1st ear infection, my poor baby.... and on top of it all she's wheezing and has to get nebulizer treatments to help clear her lungs up. She hasn't really had too bad a fever but at times her temp gets up to 101 or so, so I've been keeping her on infants tylenol when I noticed her temp go up. She's been a little fussy the first part of the week, but once her antibiotics kicked in she's been acting like her normal self once again. Thank goodness!! I was just about in tears when I had to take her to the clinic... I'm happy we got it in the early stages though! I still can't believe my baby is over a year old already.....

So we have the Alaska Volcano Observatory coming out this summer... not sure if that's a good sign or a bad sign about anything... it's been since 1996 since they last came to the island and put up monitors.... we'll find out more this summer when they come in. I'm thinking it has something to do with the plates moving and the earthquakes in Japan.... but like I said we'll know more this summer when they come in.

I have to talk with the airport people about their hotel reservations. I show they are supposed to be leaving soon but word has it they are staying longer... and if they are they have to let me know because I've been taking reservations for the hotel rooms that they are occupying since they haven't told me that they needed to extend their reservations.... so I have to get a hold of them ASAP and let them know what's going on with the hotel bookings. With the weather we've been having I don't think they've been able to get the work done that they wanted to get done by now!

The state ferry Tustemena will be here in a couple more weeks, the first of the year! I hope the weather is nice enough for them to come down! American Easter and Russian Orthodox Easter both fall on the same day (again) this year! I got Roni the cutest lil green dress for Easter! I'm excited to make Kulich (Easter bread) and color eggs with Roni! I got everything I need to make her a custom Easter basket! Most of the stuff I'm going to be eating anyway but she can have the stuffed animals!

Gosh 12 more days and I'll be celebrating my 28th birthday.... I don't know how the years are going by so fast, I don't feel like I'm going to be 28........ But I'm excited! I have my appt set up for a new tattoo when I head up to Anchorage!! I'm excited about that!! Its going to look soo awesome!! I've been waiting a long time to get this tattoo! I will share it with everyone once I get it done!! :D I won a $60.00 gift certificate to the Inked Monkey Tattoo by participating in KWHL's Tattoo Tuesday caption contests!!! So I figured I better put it to good use!! :D

Lets see now, Scentsy is working out great for me here in Akutan. I think I have a Scensty warmer in about 1/3 of the households here and they are all loving their products! I'm happy I can help supply them with all their Scentsy needs! I'd appreciate it if everyone can check out my Scentsy web page and get familiar with the product! Its a wickless candle system that uses a low watt light bulb to heat up a warmer, and you put these highly scented wax cubes into the warming bowl. Which then get melted and disperse the scent through out your home/office! I'm loving last month's Scent of the Month: Jumpin Jelly Beans!! This month's scent is called Flutter - it's delicate orange blossoms and whipped almond cream floating above a bed of bright lemon verbena, creating a dreamy fragrance, like a sweetheart's whisper in the night! I think it smells kind of like an orange cream ice cream bar!! Soo yummy!!! My website is: - to order click on the buy tab! Please get the word out to all you know!! You can also sign up to get newsletters via email! And if you'd like you can email me your address and I can send you the monthly fliers for the Scent and Warmer of the month with a "rub and smell" of that month's scent of the month!

Other than that nothing really new happening around this part of the world - other than Old Man Winter isn't going to let Spring in without a fight first! In about a month the island should be starting to turn green and the days will be longer and warmer! I'm looking forward to getting fish: halibut & salmon. I need to dry more salmon this year, I ran out earlier than I usually do! I love living off the land and sea!! Ugggg and I just remembered.... I better start getting my tax stuff ready and out in the mail next week :P I'm a procrastinator when it comes to my own taxes :P

Ok well bloggers have a great time, until my next post, Ta Ta For Now (TTFN)!!! :D


My baby bell pepper after the flower petals fell off!

Veronika kicking back under a table in my office, She was kicking her little legs too it was so cute!

Playing with her new MegaBlocks kitchen set we got her! She has that "now what" look!!

My pretty Princess on April 2, 2011

Me! :D

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