Friday, April 1

Friday, April 1, 2011

April is here already!! Sorry I didn't get my blog posted yesterday like I promised! Nothing much going on in this part of the world, all the same as in the last post. Let me see what I can write about... hmmmm......

I did get in my Scentsy April Warmer and Scent of the Month fliers in and the Rub & Smell stickers for the scent of the month - which is called Flutter - Drift to sleep as the subtle perfume of a moonlit spring garden flutter through an open window. Delicate orange blossoms and whipped almond cream float above a bed of bright lemon verbena, creating a dreamy fragrance, like a sweetheart's whisper in the night!! I think it smells a bit like an orange cremesicle!! And I can't explain how much I am loving last month's Scent Jumpin' Jelly Beans! My whole office smells like a fresh spring day!! I have my co-workers drooling over it!! I handed out most of the fliers to people here in Akutan and mailed some out to some of my frequent buyers! Below is a picture of this month's Warmer of the Month:

To purchase go to my website: and click on the buy tab! Also I did my Monthly Drawing for a brick of Scentsy (a $20 value) today, and the winner is Karen Vincler! Congratulations Karen! :D To enter my drawing all you have to do is make an order from my website and your name gets put into the pot. Each time you make an order you get another chance at winning!! Winners are picked on the 1st of the following month!

I am still trying to get pictures uploaded of Roni from the last couple months, I think I'll just post what I have now and keep trying to get more uploaded, plus pictures from her birthday! I can't believe how fast the year has already gone by, in 20 more days I'll be turning 28!!! :\ I still can't believe that I'm going to be 28... I remember 10 years ago when I thought 28 was getting kind of old, now that I'm here I don't think that anymore!! Gosh, it's still hard for me to believe that I'm going to be 28 and that my lil girl is already past the 1 year mark! The years, days, hours just seem to go by so quickly!!

My puppies are doing great - they love to chew and tear up everything and I'm happy as long as it's something they are allowed to chew and tear up - like their chew toys and everything else I got them! They are definately some spoiled pups that's for sure! Obedience training with them is a bit difficult, but I'm slowly getting them trained. I think I need to start getting them out of the house more and socializing with other people!! It's just hard to pick which ones I want to take with me, plus with it being cold out I rarely take them out... hopefully the weather warms up soon and I can start walking them around town! (on leash of course).

I have moved Roni to eating Gerber 3rd foods and she's eating a lot of what we eat now (minus all the junk food). She loves to sit with us at the table and eat at meal times! She's getting better with me brushing her teeth now too! Now just to start trying to wean her.... I feel that's going to be really hard on the both of us, emotionally and physically! She's getting so much better at running around, but she's hard headed about wanting to keep shoes on her feet! She'd much rather run around in just her socks or bear footed! Silly girl! When I go to Anchorage I'm going to get her pictures taken with a big number 1!! I'm excited, but I feel like I want to cry at the same time.... she's no longer a baby but a toddler!!!..... But we are trying for another baby, so hopefully sometime this year I get preggo again! One or two more and I'll be done having kids!! A family of 4-5 is big enough for me..... at least that's my thinking for now! I have hoarded up a bunch of 4t and size 4 clothes for Roni to grow into. I think I have to start getting size 5! She's still fitting some 18 month clothes and all of her 2T clothes and some 3T clothes. I can't believe how fast she's growing! She's just over 30in tall and weighing in around 30lbs!

I have been trying to diet and lose weight. Between P90X, yoga, belly dancing, Wii Fit, My Shape on Xbox 360 Kinect, and EA Sports on Xbox 360 Kinect I should be able to whip myself back into shape. I can admit I kind of stopped watching what I ate because I was eating for 2 this whole time (while I was preggo and while breastfeeding) but I think it's time to get my body back into shape before it gets too hard to do that! It's so hard to limit my food intake, cut down my soda intake and not to indulge on snack foods.... but I know in the end it will pay off and I hope to stick to my plan!! By the time I get my body the way I want it watch I'll be preggo again and gain most of it all back again :P

The weather has been slowing showing some signs of spring! I noticed that my grass in my yard is growing, some of the plants around town are sprouting little buds, and the thick beach grass is about an inch and half tall! My bell peppers are putting out flowers and my apple tree is just under 4 feet tall! I think I have to get all my plants transplanted into bigger containers. This weekend I will start all my seedlings, which include: jalepeno, red chili peppers, cucumbers, green onions, and an assortment of herbs and a bunch of assorted annual flowers! I hope to get flowers growing all over in my back yard! Give me something nice to look at when I look out my bedroom window! I am trying to get my hubby to make me hanging flower baskets for our porch and in front of our windows so I can put flowers in those. I don't think my strawberries survived in my old BBQ over the winter, they just got too cold because they are lifted up off the ground. The ones I planted near my parents are looking great though, because they are planted right into the ground! I'm excited to get my green thumb going!

Today the weather is pretty nice and calm. With the smallest breeze that will come along! The temps are hanging just under 40F during the day and still dipping around freezing at night. I heard we are supposed to be getting a really big storm, but it still hasn't made it's way here. Yesterday the weather forecast said it was supposed to blow 50MPH, but it was just as nice as it is today!! The plane made it in a couple times already, but I heard they changed their scheduled flights to an earlier flt in the morning and a later flight at night. But so far they have been coming in as scheduled with a couple "chartered" flights for some of the companies that are working here.

Other than that everything has been going pretty great here on the island! I can't wait for summer time to come - fishing and nice warm weather, hiking and going out in the skiff, picnics and relaxing outside with my family!! Summers tend to go way to fast around here though....

Ok well until next time have a great April Fool's Day bloggers!!!

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    April Fool's Day

    Mackenzie put a whoopie cushion
    on the teacher's chair.
    Makayla told the teacher
    that a bug was in her hair.

    Alyssa brought an apple
    with a purple gummy worm
    and gave it to the teacher
    just to see if she would squirm.

    Elijah left a piece of plastic
    dog doo on the floor,
    and Vincent put some plastic vomit
    in the teacher's drawer.

    Amanda put a goldfish
    in the teacher's drinking glass.
    These April Fool's Day pranks
    are ones that you could use in class.

    Before you go and try them, though,
    there's something I should mention:
    The teacher wasn't fooling
    when she put us in detention.

    --Kenn Nesbitt


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