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March 29, 2011

So yesterday was my lil girl's first birthday! Her party was great, lots of great people and great food! I'm happy that it all went off as good as it did! Now I can de-stress and look back at it as a great accomplishment!! The weather was a bit windy and cold but that didn't stop all the party go-ers from attending my lil Princess' first birthday party! We all had a great time, and even after all the cake and frosting Roni devoured she still made it to sleep on time last night!! She had fun opening her presents when we got home, she wasn't in the mood to open them at the party. A lot has been going on the past month since I last posted a blog. I was in Anchorage during the whole earthquake in Japan and the tsunami warning that they had to deal with here in Akutan. I had my hubby make him and the dogs an emergency bag with everything they would need for at least 5 days! I took my lil sister out to Benihana's for her birthday, we got all dressed up and had a great time with our daughters! I had training and was in Anchorage for a week, I actually made it up and back on my scheduled days, which doesn't really happen much around here! There still hasn't been much snow here... I bought a bunch of flower, vegetable and herb seeds to plant this spring and hopefully put outside once it gets warm. My bell peppers I started a month or so ago are putting out lil flowers/bell peppers and my apple tree is about 3.5ft tall!! The weather has been up and down all month... going a couple days of calm clear weather followed by the usual couple days of stormy weather. On the 19th we got hit with a really strong storm and actually made the news with our "hurricane" force winds. And here I was on the beach trying to get pictures of the huge waves we were actually getting in our bay!! The Airport project is coming along smoothly. I heard they hired some "sea otter" monitors (locals they trained) to count and keep track of the otter population so that they (the airport people and the project) doesn't impact the populations of otters. The boat harbor project is slowly getting started back up again also! They have it pretty torn up at the head of the bay. I'm still just proud of how Veronika was yesterday, she was just as happy as can be! I'm still trying to upload pix from the last couple months, then I'm going to try to post some pix from her party! I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog as much as I want to.... just haven't been having time with getting everything caught up with in the office - especially since most of our time was spent getting the Shareholder's packets out for the annual meeting. That was a pain in the ass, but we got it done and out with. Talk about a waste of paper having to change everything out a couple times - with 86 packets to make sure have everything in them and the correct copies of everything... at least we got them done and out in the mail! Now to just wait for the proxy/ballots to come back to us! The Akutan Corporation Annual meeting is set for April 30, 2011! My puppies are getting bigger and getting into more mischief. I love them all to death though, they are just the cutest! I love how they get along with Veronika and how some of them love to nap next to her when she's napping, almost like they are keeping watch over her! She loves to run after them and chase them, then run from them as she lets them chase her, it's so cute!! By the way, yes she is up and running around, she's practically masted that in no time! Now she's all about trying to climb up stuff and jump off of it!! Scares the crap out of me but hey kids will be kids and she's just enjoying learning anything and everything she can!! Ok Bloggers, I promise I will get another post in before this month ends!! Take care and "see" you then!! And don't forget about the Monthly Drawings I'm having with my Scentsy business! For every order made in a calendar month, I will put your name into a drawing for a brick of your favorite Scentsy scent! (A $20 value!). To put your orders in go to: and click on the buy tab to place your orders! I love Scentsy and their scents! This month's scent of the month is called Jumpin Jelly Bean and I love how it smells!! So fruity and sweet! I can't wait to see what next month's scent smells like. The Warmer of the Month for next month is this really pretty light blue warmer with tiny white flowers adorning it!!

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  1. So glad your Princess had a great birthday wow she is a year old hard to imagine time flies by. Kids grow so fast. I smiled reading about her and the puppies how wonderful they look out for her. I love the scentsy scents also I will have to order some soon. I am glad your peppers and apple tree are thriving. Have a great week.


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