Friday, February 25

Friday, February 25, 2010

This month seemed to blow by pretty quick! I ordered almost everything I think I need to throw Veronika's 1st birthday party! I can't believe how fast she's growing! We went to Anchorage for a week for conferences I was attending. While we were up there she took her first steps for my sister Ivy while I was in the shower, then she did it again for my dad when I ran to taco bell to get something to eat! (I can admit I love Taco Bell tacos with lots and lots of Fire sauce!). I finally got to see my baby girl take some steps and I about cried! I can't believe she's going to be 11 months this coming Monday! She can say "mine" and point to things, she's getting really good at saying "bye" and waving when someone leaves or when we're leaving! She loves to be pushed around in a shopping cart and hates her car seat!! While in Anchorage she loved to play with her cousin Aaliyah, they were soo cute together!!

Weather wise it's been pretty warm here in the mid 30s to low 40's. Windy and foggy with some nice days once in a while. The plane has been making trips on the nice days, bringing in much needed mail and cargo! I've recieved almost all of my Scentsy orders, just waiting on payment from some people before I give them their order (I ordered it for them on my card). So far the people who did get their orders are in love with their products and are ready to make another order for more scents! I'm excited about the Spring/Summer scents and new products! I have passed out the new catalogs and I have the 25 new scent samples/testers here in my office for everyone to check out! They will be available starting March 1st! Until then there are 3 days left in this month to get most items 10% off. You can order from my website: I totally love Scentsy! I got Veronika and my neices each a Scentsy buddy with a scent pak! I hope my neices love it!! When I went to Anchorage I brought along a scent circle for my rental car and a travel tin to place in my sister's room that I was staying in! I love that I can bring it with me anywhere I go!! The hand sanitizer was great to have in my purse, I love that it doesn't smell like alcohol unlike most hand sanitizers!!

Nothing much going on around town right now, pretty soon it's going to be getting busy with all the airport people coming in and getting things started!! It's going to be exciting to see our airport finally being constructed, and going to be even more exciting once they finish it! Our run way is going to be aroun 5100 feet long (Dutch Harbor's is around 3500ft long)!! I'm hoping that we can get Alaska or Era to fly down here with bigger planes, it's going to be interesting that's for sure! There was a meeting last night for the naming of creeks for the road that is going to be put in from town to the boat harbor, that's located at the head of the bay. I wonder how that went I wasn't able to make it...

The Bayview Cafe is waiting for cooks to arrive so they can open back up here in Akutan. They've been closed for sometime now... Our original cooks, this really nice couple, are running the airport restaurant in Dutch Harbor and their parents are going to run the one over here - once they get a cook. Hurry up and wait I guess....

Well nothing much else to write about for now.... so until next time... ta ta for now!

Friday, February 4

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well the last week seemed like it went by quickly!

The weather has been up and down, mostly up this week actually. Today its blowing out but the last couple days were nice enough for us to get our daily scheduled flights from Pen-Air. I've recived almost all of my Scentsy orders in and have been enjoying all the different scents in my wamer! I also got my starter kit in and have all the samples of all 80 scents set out in my office for everyone to come smell. I also have samples of all the other products available: scent circles, travel tins, Scentsy buddies, Scentsy scent pak, room sprays, hand sanitizer, a midsize and fullsize warmer, also the wax packs and bricks (for size comparison). I also have scent samples of January and February's scent of the month!

I'm looking forward to traveling sometime this month, conferences and what not. Gives me time to get some shopping done when I'm not in the conference! I've ordered all of Veronika's 1st birthday supplies now to just get her presents! I can't believe my baby girl is already going to be a year old! Just to think a year ago I was pregnant! I want to try to get pregnant again this year again! When it happens it'll happen though! I love having a baby, watching them grow and learn is just amazing! I still cry a bit when I look at some of the newborn clothes I saved and see how small they are!!!

Well I'm off to get my taxes done with and sent out! I'm still trying to upload pix... maybe I should just post them by month, cause I know I'm missing a lot of pix of Roni the last couple months! She's grown soo much since my last posting of her pix! After getting my taxes done I'll see if blogger will let me get some posted!

Ok well Bloggers I hope to be back on here later and updating you some more about the happenings here on The Rock!! Until then ta ta for now (TTFN)!!