Thursday, January 27

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow has it really been around a month since I last filled in my blog! OMG so much has happened since my last post! Let me see where to start……

So Veronika was a great lil girl on New Years, watching me go out and “ring” in the New Year my shooting off some shells in my 12ga shot gun every hr starting at 9PM. Just after midnight she fell right asleep. She doesn’t really stay up late but it’s like she new to stay up that night! I’ve been trying to get pix of her uploaded from the last couple months, but blogger has been being a pain in the you know what, not to mention how reliable the internet is!

On January 7-9, we celebrated Russian Christmas, another 1st for Veronika! We went starring at people’s houses and ate lots of great food! It was such a blast, I am happy I’m able to share moment like that with her!

We still haven’t really gotten any snow yet this winter, lots of rain and wind… makes me miss my childhood days when we’d get like 10+ feet of snow! I mean it gets cold some days, but the wind blows away any snow we might get, then another storm will blow thru bringing warm temps and rain. Today it’s blowing a constant 40-45MPH, gusting up to 65+MPH with a temp of 44F! There are like 10ft seas in our harbor, with a bunch of boats taking refuge in our harbor. I don’t want to know what the weather and seas look like outside of our harbor if it’s this bad in it!!

I have recently become a consultant for Scentsy products! I love their wickless candles and the 80+ scents you can use in the wax warmers! I have a full size warmer and 2 plug in warmers at my house and a mid size warmer in my office!! I have absolutely fallen in love with their products!! My house and office smell soooo good! You can check out and order their products from my website: I am still waiting for my starter kit to come in with the 80 scent samples so I can throw a “Scentsy party “ and share the product with everyone else here in Akutan! I hope they love it as much as I do and get hooked on it! Some of the scents I’ve fallen in LOVE with are: Blueberry cheese cake, paradise punch, sun kissed citrus, citrus sun tea, coconut lemongrass, reggae sunset, pumpkin roll, sugar cookie, black raspberry vanilla – just to name a few! I’m still trying out new scents, OMG some of them are soooo yummy smelling! I encourage all of my blog readers to check out my website and get to know the product and hopefully buy from my site! I know you’ll love it as much as I do!!

The puppies are going to be 3 months old tomorrow, already! My parents had to give me back the one they were taking because their male Australian terrier was too aggressive towards her. She’s the runt of the pack, but I love having her back. I just love having all my Chihuahuas to go home to! They all have great personalities and couldn’t be any cuter! And they are just great with Veronika, she loves to play with them and hand them toys and pet them (all supervised of course!) Once in a while she’ll grab one by the ear or tail but they seem to tolerate her abuse and will just lick her.

So speaking of my lil Princess, she will be 10 months old tomorrow; she’s weighing in around 29lbs and still around 30in tall. She’s all about standing up on her own now and “cruising” on anything she can hold on to! I’ve baby proofed the house – installing cupboard latches, plugging outlets and got the door knob “locks” on (its this thing that goes over the knob and you have to press these like button things on both sides and squeeze so it grabs the door knob so you can open it) I’ve also went thru on my hands and knees and removed anything that she could pull down onto herself. She gets around really good! She’s fitting 2T clothes, soon to be in 3T clothes and she’s officially in size 5 diapers! I can’t believe how fast the last 10 months have gone by, pretty soon Roni will be celebrating her 1st birthday!! I’m ready to start trying for another baby!

On a sad note, last week Saturday the 22 we lost the oldest person in Akutan, my great uncle George McGlashan, who lived a great 84 yrs! He married my hubby’s grandma and helped to raise her children, so my hubby had him for a grandpa all his life. It is really sad to lose him; we had his burial at 2pm this last Monday. He will be greatly missed by all of us. My sincere sympathy goes out to my in-laws – my hubby’s parents have been closest to and taken care of George for the longest time. I know it’s going to be hard for them to get used to him not being around anymore. I’m happy that he was at least able to meet Veronika and be in her life the last 10 months! Veronika is and always will be his BOSS!

Everything at the Corporation has been going smoothly, but kind of slow this time of the year. The internet went out for a week last week; I ended up getting a lot of stuff done! I even shampoo-ed the carpets here in the office! The Airport project should be starting up in March, that’s exciting! I haven’t heard much on the boat harbor project, but we had some people here to survey the road that’s supposed to go from town to the boat harbor. That will be interesting to see how they want to go about doing that!

Oh my hubby finished his second model of the tug Gyrfalcon, which he gave to the 1st mate Paul H. He’s being making that tug for the last couple years, and it turned out great! Hopefully I can get some pictures of it posted, when blogger lets me get my pix up! I am proud of all the hard work he did on it and how it turned out! He really likes to pay attention to the smallest details and make sure everything looks good on it, I tell him it’s his OCD that gets the best of him sometimes!

Let me see what else has been going on…. I still can’t believe the 1st month of this year is already going to be over with!! Pretty soon it’s going to be Valentine’s day next month, then Veronika’s birthday in March, then my birthday in April, and then my hubby’s birthday in May, then summer time, and time to put away salmon and halibut…. I swear the years are going by way too fast! I will be turning a young age of 28 this year, already! I remember when I was 17-18 and thinking that 28 was “old”…. Now that I’m at that age I don’t feel old!!

Ok well I’m going to try to get my pix uploaded from the last couple months to the ones I’ve recently taken!! Until next time TTFN!! Hopefully I don’t wait another month to update my blog! I’m sorry it’s taken me forever to get back on here!!