Wednesday, December 29

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So the last couple weeks I've been taking care of the Post Office since our post master left to Anchorage. She's been stuck in Dutch Harbor now for almost a week waiting for a plane to come home. We got about 4 flyable days this month. All the mail is sitting in Dutch Harbor waiting to come over. I still never got Roni's, my hubby's or my Christmas presents in yet. Not to mention my dogs are running really low on kibble. The puppies ate up all the puppy food and are eating adult food, which I don't have much of anymore. I ordered their food just after Halloween too!!

The weather has been acting funny. Some days it's cold out with an even colder wind chill... other days it's in the low to mid 40's, calm but foggy. Today is one of those warm, calm foggy days! I was able to get my Christmas cards in on one of the planes and got most of them back out (all but 10 that I need addresses for). They are finally getting to people the last couple days. Late but at least they got out!!

Veronika had a great 1st Christmas, opening presents from the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles!! We had a couple for her that we got back when we went to Seattle in Sept-Oct. I can't believe that she's already 9 months old!! She's been out of me for as long as she was in me!! She has all 4 top and bottom teeth for a total of 8 teeth!! She's currently 28lbs and 30.5in long!! She loves to pull up to standing and "cruise" around on anything she can hold onto! I've been slowly getting her to eat more chunkier foods, she loves fish and veggies and fruit!! I'm waiting on more baby food that my sister Ivy send down for her from Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer. Oh and I finally put her in size 5 diapers! Here at the Post Office she's been able to try out a walker, but only goes backwards! I think it's funny!!

The puppies are going to be 9 wks old tomorrow, time goes by way too fast. I already have to administer their 9wk puppy shots tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to doing. They all know their names and are learning simple commands. They are fully weaned and eating kibble now. Next week Chi Chi and Ashes will be ready to go to their homes! The rest I'm keeping, which includes Diego, Juarez, Tinker Bell and Snookii! So in a lil over a year I should have more puppies to sell - all of my puppies have full registration, fully de-wormed, will have their 2nd puppy shots and hopefully get their rabies vaccinations! The parents have great temperaments and I am getting them pad trained (potty trained). I just love having Chihuahuas! They will fall in the 6-8lb range! I am currently writing up a puppy contract by combining the contracts from my 3 previous Chi's!

Other than that the island has been pretty quiet. Josy and Tim threw a big dinner at their place on Christmas Eve, which is also the birth date of their youngest boy Ian! Veronika had fun being around all the family and friends, but by 45 mins I believe she got overwhelmed with everyone and started to get fussy. But there was a lot of great food and I had a great time! On Christmas we had a big ham dinner at my parents house with more family and friends! I love living where we are with most of our extended family!!

My nieces had a great time enjoying all the gifts I got them for Christmas! I had a great time shopping for them. I am still waiting for some stuff to come in for them. I heard I have like a plane load of stuff sitting at Pen-Air cargo waiting to come over to me. All the stuff I ordered from Kohls, Petsmart, Walmart, Amazon, Victoria's Secret, Wet Seal and a hand full of other places!! Well most is UPS, which is considered cargo and the rest was sent thru the USPS. Either way I should have a lot of stuff over there waiting to get to me that I've been waiting almost 2 months for!! Hopefully the weather clears and we can get some planes in and get all the stuff sitting over there over here!!

I still can't believe it's going to be 2011 already... I remember the whole Y2K frenzy like it was yesterday!! This year went by way too fast!! I am trying to upload pix of Veronika over the last couple months but blogger is having one of those days where it doesn't let me upload pix and when it does it goes super slow... but hopefully soon I'll have updated pix of her over the last couple months!!

Well I hope everyone has a prosperous, safe, fun New Years!! Take care Bloggers and we'll be "seeing" you next year!! Much love from my family to yours!!

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