Wednesday, April 13

Veronika pix from Sept, Oct, Nov, and some from Dec

Veronika Raelene

Pix from Sept, Oct, Nov and some from December 2010

Months 6, 7, 8, and 9

I will get around to captioning these pix, but I'm working on uploading pix from Dec, Jan, Feb and March.....


  1. What great pictures she is such a sweetie. Wow she has grown looks adorable. Thanks you for sharing the photos i enjoyed them. I wish you a warm and awesome Easter.

  2. thank you!! time goes way to fast!! I can't believe how fast she's grown!! I still have to caption all the pix... I'm working on uploading pix from mid december to just recently... then I have to make a post for just her birthday pix!

  3. She is gorgeous and so full of personality. Great looking family.


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