Thursday, December 16

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow really I haven't blogged at all this month?

Nothing really to blog about. The weather has been crappy all month. Blowing 60mph+ and gusting even higher. We haven't had a plane all month :( I'm patiently waiting for all my christamas gifts and cards to come in so I can get them back out in the mail. And I here I ordered everything last month!!

The temps have been hovering around freezing, the wind chill getting into the teens and 20's. Some days it warms up to around 40, melting all the ice. We still haven't gotten any snow yet that's stuck on the ground....

My puppies are getting bigger and bigger, I gave them their first puppy shots last week. I think it was harder on me than them. Everytime I'd give one a shot they would start to scream and run around like 10 secs after getting the shot and I would just want to cry.... but at least they are getting their vaccinations!! They are officially 7 wks old today... only a couple more weeks and the ones that are leaving us can go to their permanent homes! They all have such great personalities and know their names well now! I am starting to teach them basic commands such as sit, lay down and come here. I love when I go home and call for them and all my chi's come running to me!!

Veronika is getting bigger and bigger too! She's all about wanting to stand and "cruise". She'll walk if you hold her up! She's been able to get out ma ma and da da when she wants. She loves to play patty cake and clap her hands! And when she hears this certain bath toy that sings she gets so excited knowing she's going to take a bath! I'm starting to feed her more solid foods, but she still loves to eat her Gerber baby foods and cereals! I moved her into size 5 diapers this last Sunday and she's fitting 18month and 24 month/2T clothes! I just can't believe how fast the time is going by!! In a couple weeks she'll be turning 9 months old!! I still bring her to work with me, once I get her weaned I can start to leave her home with her dad, or if they grandparents want her she can go visit with them!

I missed the season finale of Hell's Kitchen last night due to power outages. I think the city needs to upgrade our generators and get all new ones. These ones are getting pretty old and starting to break down more and more.... it would only be smart to replace the generators since we got all new wiring laid down in town! Gosh my house got cold in the hour that the power was off, and I need to invest in more flashlights. Veronika didn't seem to care that the power was off as long as we had the flashlights lighting up our room! The puppies were scared and wondering why it was all dark though!

Oh please oh please I'm begging Mother Nature to give us a break in this crappy, windy weather for some flyable days so we can get mail on and off the island!! I would really like to get my neice's their christmas presents before christmas!! And I'd really like to be able to get my christmas cards in so I can get those out too.... We took pix of Veronika and family pix by using the timer mode and made picture christmas cards! Just hope the weather breaks so we can start to get planes once again....

Yesterday the Tribe threw an Elders Recognition Potluck (which they plan on doing every month). They recogonized George McGlashan, who happens to be the oldest person in the village at a young age of 84. There was lots of food and a really good powerpoint presentation of his life and family. He is my great-uncle (my grandma's brother). It's really nice for the Tribe to do that for our elders! Looking forward to the next one! I was soooo full when I went back to work, they had the potluck at lunch hour. Veronika was happy to eat all the great food there too!

I can't believe there is only 15 days left in 2010 and 9 days until Christmas!! I swear this year went by too fast!!

OK well take care and happy holidays bloggers and blog readers!! Until next time, ta ta for now (TTFN)!!

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