Tuesday, November 16

Tuesday, Novembe 16, 2010

Darn how did 2 weeks blow by so quickly? I'm getting bad at trying to keep this updated... I'm on my facebook all the time though..... Facebook can be addicting!

So the puppies are starting to try to walk and their eyes are open! They got their 1st deworming on the 11th (2wks old). They are just the cutest! I love chihuahuas!! Still waiting on their CKC regirstration papers to come in, but I got in their puppy shots (2 for each puppy at weeks 6 and 9).

Veronika is mastering sitting up on her own, she's starting to try to climb up stuff if it's in her way. She's such a tough little girl! She finally got caught up on her vaccinations last week. She was a little late due to no vaccinations avail on the island here. Had to wait for a doctor to bring them down. So now she's all caught up with all her shots, just needs to go in next week for her 2nd flu shot and she'll be good until her 1st birthday. I can't believe how fast the last 8 months have went by.... what happened to my little 7lb 10oz baby?!?! She's about 25lbs and just under 30 in long now! Next week I'll make sure to get her official weight and length for her baby book!

She loves to eat anything we eat! She had some ham last night, and loves steak (I chew it up for her 1st). She loves mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, peas, turkey, carrots, pears, apples, bananas. I just started to give her Gerber yogurt and the Gerber graduates meltaways and puffs. She's getting good at crawling with her tummy off the floor, she's quick too! I have her in #4 diapers still but thinking of putting her in #5s here soon. She's squeezing into 12 months clothes still but I mostly put her in 18 month clothes but she's getting ready to move into all the 24/2T clothes I got for her when we were in Seattle.

The weather here has been pretty nice actually... but that doesn't stop the airlines from not making trips. One day the plane broke down and they had to wait for a part to come in, other times they use the Saab flight that goes from Dutch to Anchorage (or Anchorage to Dutch) to give them the weather - but then the Saab is usually flying up in the cloud level and they say that its foggy inbetween.... the Saab needs to fly lower in order to give the right weather and not be above the clouds when they give the weather. The Goose doesn't fly up as high as the Saab does! I'm still waiting on some movies that I ordered 3 weeks ago..... mail has been moving sooo slow.

Speaking of mail, I ordered some xmas stuff for my neices! I hope they like what I got them! I love shopping at Kohls and getting Kohls cash!! Today I think I'll use my Kohl's cash and order some stuff for Roni! I can't believe it's already the holiday season of the year! I need to get a good picture of my family for xmas cards! Think we'll do it the same as last year and send out picture cards!

The temps have been going up and down lately. We get snow then it rains the next day, then it snows again. We have windy days and calm day and foggy days. The usual for this time of the year! But the hills have been staying frosted with snow at least, looks better than the dead brown grass look that we'll be stuck with until the island starts to turn green again.

Nothing much going on in the construction department. Parts of the board walk are being repaired/replaced including a bridge that needed to be taken care of awhile back. Happy they are getting that taken care of. The new LED street lamps are installed, make it looks like someone is holding a bright light over my yard at night!! Other than that pretty slow everywhere else. I haven't heard much about the boat harbor project, but the company taking care of that are still here doing their thing.

King Crab season is coming to an end, most of the boats have put away their gear, made the last of the deliveries and heading home until oplilo season starts. I wasn't able to make it up to the cannery to take any pictures since most of the boats came in at night time, and I don't like to take Roni out in the cold unless I HAVE to! A 10K box of crab was 198.00 this year from the cannery here on the island.... that's like 5.00 more than last year! Still didn't stop me from getting a box! I've been undulging on it lately... I love it dipped in melted butter... if not another way I like it is stuffed in halibut and baked!! Mmmm mmmm good!!

My hubby is currently making a model of the tug Gyrfalcon for one of the Captains. He's been slacking on making it... mostly the small detailed stuff left to do, but he's busy working on it to hopefully have it ready around xmas time to give to him.. if not by this new year. It's tedious work, but it's beautiful once he's done with it!

Lets see what else is going on here on the Rock..... The school is planning their yearly trip that's funded by APICDA, not sure where they are going this year but hopefully it's informative and a great learning experience for the kids! They usually have a great time! I remember going on our "fisheries" trips when I was in school!! Great times!

Ok well I hope all is going great with everyone else out there! Take care and until next time TTFN!!


  1. love ya even though I am also just Facebook "talking" to you

  2. It was good to meet you at the store this morning. Veronica is even cuter in real life than in pictures! Terri Hibbard


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