Friday, September 17

Friday, September 17, 2010

Well I'm hoping and praying hard for a way to get off the island so we can make all our flights. Trying to make it up to Anchorage for Veronika's vaccinations, she's due for her 4 month and pretty soon her 6 month vaccinations.... We're supposed to leave tomorrow, but we're hoping to make it out today if possible. There was a boat but it only took so many people and I don't know how they picked the people they took, but they picked like 6 people to go over this morning. Left my hubby, Veronika, the corps 2 auditors and me here still. And I believe Father Kashevaroff and his wife are still stuck here too..... I just hope that the weather clears up for the plane to make a go for it and we can all make it over to Dutch Harbor to make all our flights and not have to deal with stand-by on the airlines.......

I'm not really in the mood to write anymore, but I have some other stuff to post when I get around to it.....

Please pray for us to make it out! Thanks!!

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