Thursday, August 5

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm still uploading pix from the wedding, hope to have them posted here soon

I can't believe how fast August snuck up on us.... that only means summer is coming to an end here soon and Fall will be upon us...

It's been the usual Fogust (foggy) the last couple weeks, clearing up for a day to let the plane come in with tons of mail... people have been getting to and from the island via boats - thank goodness Trident has boats going back and forth.

The state ferry Tustemena is due in again this weekend. We are all going for the ride once again, my hubby has to go to Anchorage to get some dental work done and he wants to attend a concert before coming back home.

I am missing my sisters and nieces... they made it out on a boat and made it back to Anchorage later that same day.... It was soo good to have them back home for a bit! Its been a while since we've all been home together like that.

Veronika is officially 18 lbs 7 oz and 25 3/4 in long. Fitting size 3 diapers and 6-9 and 9 month clothes. Babies grow so fast!! I cherish every moment I have with her and look forward to having another already!! I take her down to Seattle next month to meet my grandma, her great-grandma Lillian. I can't wait I'm excited about that. I'm tagging along with my dad while he goes to meetings... the hubby and I made an agreement that we won't travel together since it's have to find dependable people to house/dog sit for us. Kind of sucks but at least we know our pups are being taken care of if one of us stays home. Next year will be a differnet story when we go out for our "honey moon" to either Hawaii or Los Angeles. I will have to search around and see who we can find to watch our pups, birds, fish and house.... hopefully someone who we can depend on.... we'll see about it though....

Well I just wanted to get on and say hello to everyone. Wedding pix will be up hopefully soon!! Take care everyone!! TTFN..

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