Thursday, August 12

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well the last couple days have been feeling fall-like. The humpies (pink) salmon are in the bay, Josy and Tim Shangin got a whole bunch the other night and I was able to get 15 off them to dry! Thanks alot!

The weather has been pretty foggy most the time, usual for this time of the year. The plane makes 2 flights or more on days that are flyable, usually only 1-2 days a week if the weather permits. The island is slowly turning brown once again and the berries are starting to ripen up. I heard some people have been getting some nice ripe salmonberries... I guss I should wrap Roni up and head up the hill here soon.

My hubby went to Anchorage on the last ferry to get some dental work done. The enamel on two of his front teeth broke off near the gums, so I made his reservations to go up and get them fixed. I feel so fortunate that we are Alaska Native and get free dental/health care. Just another reason to love this great state! He went to his first AFC (Alaska Fighting Championship) last night and enjoyed it! I can't wait for him to get home, thanks a lot to my Sister Ivy for letting him stay with her!

The island has been pretty busy with all the crews here doing work. We have the boat harbor crew (Knik Construction), the crew putting in new power lines (Marsh Creek), and the geothermal crew working with the City.

The Geothermal crew are drilling over in Hot Springs Bay to see what and if we can make/use geothermal power. They have a helicopter that transports the crew back and forth from the village to the camp site. I heard they have a pretty good set up with sleeping quarters, a kitchen/galley, a wash room with shower and washer and dryers, generators for power (Mind that these are all in tents) and a cute outhouse. We have a couple people from town who are working with them, they go over for 3 days at a time doing "swap" outs. They are working 24/7. I heard some people are getting helicopter rides over to see the camp site. Wish I could go but I wouldn't bring my Veronika in a helicopter with her being so young, I'd feel uncomfortable with her being in it.

The restaurant finally opened back up on Monday the 9th. I heard they are going to be open year round, finally!! I had my usual French dip the other day!! Yum yum! I know the people from the cannery are happy they are open again. They have a new buffet set up, takes away some of the limited seating they had, but they have a pretty good selection of oriental food to choose from! :)

My in-laws celebrated their 28th Anniversary on the 9th also. We got them a bottle of Korbel Brut champange to celebrate with. We picked it up in Dutch Habor when we went over on the ferry, which came in on the 7th. The ferry will make round trip runs from Homer to Dutch Harbor every 2 weeks, stopping in various towns on the way down and up. They usually get here around 5AM, takes about a 4hr trip to Dutch Harbor then leaves Dutch around 4PM and gets back here around 7:30-8PM and stays for like 30-45 mins before heading back North. Veronika has rode the ferry roundtrip (5 total) since they first came down on June 26, 2010! It costs $31.00 one way between Akutan and Dutch Harbor. State rooms start at $24 for a 2 berth room with no facilities and $37 for a 4 berth with facilities, both one way.

Well the sun decided to come out today. Its about 58F outside today, a lot warmer than the 49 we had the other day!!

Well when/if I get more time I'll make sure to update my blog if there is anything else happening! TTFN!!

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  1. Love hearing about your life, post more soon!! Its so different than the lower 48, in a good way! I check to see if you have posted new stuff all the time. Tell me more! take care of that sweet baby!!


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