Thursday, August 19

Thrusday, August 19, 2010

Not much has happened in the past week. My hubby made it home from his one week in Anchorage, where he had lots of dental work done and finished the week off by going to the Snoop Dogg concert the day before flying home and getting stuck in Dutch Harbor for day and half before catching a boat ride home (he got back around 2AM). I mean the weather was nice enough to fly... but Nooooo the airlines decides to wait and cancels for the day saying the breeze was too much, but yet they made a flight earlier that same day my hubby was flying back from Anchorage. Oh well at least he was able to find a boat and make it home! Then the weather, which was supposed to be blowing like 35MPH, decided to die down and we got a couple flights the next day after he already took a boat. Oh well saves us his ticket to use for another time!

In the past week we had 2 flyable days and got 3 flights in. I am waiting for my new pair of DC shoes to come in! I'm due for new shoes, I've had these ones for a couple years now!

My hubby picked up a bunch of cute 12 and 18 month clothes for Veronika. He has some good taste in clothes, which surprised me. I love all the sets he brought home for Veronika!! She's fitting 12 month clothes now, 9 months is getting pretty tight on her. Next week I'll get her weighed and measured for her records! She's such a big beautiful baby and I love her so much. She's into giggling now and getting a bit tickle-ish!! I love her little giggles! On Friday the 13th she mastered rolling over from her back to her tummy, but hasn't quite figured out how to roll back over to her back yet. More tummy time for her!!

So I got like 15 humpies from the Shangins the other week and hung them to dry. They are almost ready to put away in my freezer!! And guess what?!?! So I was putting clothes away in Roni's hamper and I heard this noise on my dry rack located just infront of my house connected to my porch. I thought "damn cats" and ran to the window to see what was getting into my fish. Usually the stray cats will climb up and help themselves to my fish... but what I saw totally surprised me. Here were two pitch black ravens fighing over my fish!! I ran out to scare them away and one decided to grab a fish and fly off with it, leaving me 14 on my rack. In the 5 years that I've had my dry rack and been drying fish this was the first time having to deal with those damn birds! I thought it was kind of funny, but I was mad at the same time... all that work to get them cleaned and dried just to have a raven take one! I think today I'll put them in my freezer!

Oh did I mention on the last ferry I got hooked up with the Alaska Wireless unlimited plan (cell phones)?!?! I've been loving it, especially when my hubby was gone for 10 days. I swear we would have been burning thru money if we were using the prepay plan!! I love the new phone I got too, I think it's a Samsung GT-B3310. I like how it works and I love the slide out texting keyboard!! I also like how many pictures and video I can store on the memory card it accepts!! Makes capturing moments with my baby girl that much easier when I don't have my digital camera on me!! Its a 2 megapixel camera, not as great as my 10.1 megapixel Olympus, but it gets the job done when needed!!

The weather has been hanging out in the mid to high 50's lately. Feels a lot warmer than it's been most of the summer. The salmonberries are slowly starting to ripen. I had my first couple on my walk home the other day!! Time to get up on the hill and see how the blueberries and mossberries are progressing. Hopefully get to enjoy a mossberry pie here soon. I have to some how get more fish to try to get dried up and some for my freezer, get out and get some salmonberries and get those individually frozen. I like to get enough to share with my younger sister Ivy!

The wind has been blowing pretty good here all summer... we get a couple nice days but they are usually foggy. Typical for this time of the year but not typical for all of summer!! This time of the year I consider Fogust. Pretty soon all the flowers and plants on the island will start dying off and turning brown. The fireweed is starting to bloom, which around here is the first signal of Fall around the corner... something I'm not looking forward to... wish summers around here can last longer... I never even got to go out subsitance halibut fishing (jigging) with my handline this year, that will make this year 2 of not making it out on the water. Last year the hubby wouldn't let me go in a skiff because I was pregnant, and this year because I can't be away from my baby for long periods since she won't take a bottle and I don't want to take her out with us for fear of getting her too cold! So maybe next year, hopefully!!

The people putting in the new electric lines are getting ready to head down to the end of town I live in. It's going to make it difficult with there being no room to put a detour road down that way and they are going to have to remove the boardwalk in places to get the new line placed... hopefully they can get it done quickly. I'm not looking forward to when they dig up my yard... hopefully they can do it nicely and get my grass laid back down nicely so it doesn't look all crapy... but I've seen what they've done around town already and doubt that it will look as nice as it does now... That's going to take a couple years for it to even back out and look nice again... oh well... gotta get the new lines put in so I can't complain too much. They have cut the power out for a couple hours 2 days in a row while they dug around some of the existing lines.

I heard the Geothermal project is going to start to clean up and get ready to de-mobilize here soon. At least a couple week left with them doing their thing. I haven't heard too much of what is going on over there. Guess I have to be nosey and start asking. I also don't know the progress of the boat harbor ahead of the bay. Both crews have been working hard to get their projects finished.

The Cattle Co has been working hard too the last couple weeks. Getting all their supplies over to Akun, including a cement mixer and all the stuff to make cement. I heard they are going to get a warehouse set up out there, maybe even a slaughter house... So there has been alot of work being done on both islands. Pretty exciting to see all the improvements being made around here!

There's been a little quarrel going on over the open apartment in Aleutian Housing Authority's 4plex (on the hill I call it). They have one unit open and we have 2 people trying their best to get it. I wish the best to them both since they both deserve it. AHA will be making their decision here soon, good luck to the both of them! I know some people are trying to argue and make a big deal out of it, whoever gets it gets it, no need to start un-needed drama in this little town!

Ok well hopefully I'll get time to update next week what's going on in this part of the world! And I will try to get some new pix of Veronika uploaded (since I have posted any of her in July and this month)and some pix of stuff around town. Ok well until next time TTFN!!

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