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My church wedding on July 25, 2010

Well the love of my life Demetri "Boy" Tcheripanoff Jr and I got married on July 25, 2010 in our church, the St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox). It was a great day to have a wedding, the weather was nice out and I would say that almost everyone in town showed up. I even had a friend (AJ) from Nikolski, AK who was able to make it here for the wedding!
We had the honor to be married by Father Andrew Kashevarof. I would love to express all my greatfulness to him for being able to perform our marriage ceremony!
I would also like to thank our Tribal Office for letting us use their office building for our reception/potluck! Thanks also to my cousin Kay and in-laws and Trident Church for the food they brought and many many thanks to my mother Vera who did almost all the cooking herself (except for the potato salad, halibut chowder and jello that I made). I love my momma lots for going out of her way to help as much as she did!! I don't know what I would have done without her!!
The wedding ceremony was at 2PM on Sunday, July 25, 2010. I announced on the VHF radio that the time was changed from 3:30 to 2, but I guess some people didn't hear my announcement and ended up missing the whole wedding ceremony, to those of you who didn't make it I'm so sorry no one informed you of the time change. Our original date was supposed to be on August 14, 2010 but Father Kashevarof wasn't able to make it here during that time so we had to reschedule to a time that was good for both of us, so that's why our date was moved up to July 25.
Below are pix from our special day. I hope you enjoy them!! :)
PS. captions are posted under the pic :)
Texting me wondering where I was!
Walking out of my parents house where I was getting ready...
Walking up to the church with my dad Hugh,
My maid of honor my Sister Ivy and niece Aaliyah
Making our way to the church with my family
My dad ready to hand me off to my hubby!
Crowns, Holy Gospel, Cross and cup with wine.
My hubby and his best man, his brother John
First time getting to see each other dressed up!!
The left side of the church
Right side of the church
Igg (one of out crown holders), us, and my dad
with Veronika in the church entry way.
Exchanging the rings

Standing on my Krusnamoms scarf (She passed away in 1997,
I felt honored to be standing on her scarf!)
Standing on my Krusnamoms scarf (She passed away in 1997,
I felt honored to be standing on her scarf!)
The crowns being held over our heads.

Crown holders, father and us
(Iggy holding Boy's crown and AJ holding mine)

Crown holders and us
(Iggy holding Boy's crown and AJ holding mine)

Crown holders, father and us
(Iggy holding Boy's crown and AJ holding mine)

wedding ceremony

Drinking wine
(gee I didn't know it was strong wine from my sister Shannon)

Drinking wine

walking around inside the church 3 times.

cheesing for the camera :)
Almost done, Father smiling at us

Kissing the crown held above his head.

Me kissing the crown head above my head.

Listening to advise from Father Kashevarof

Walking to the front part for our 1st kiss as a married couple

You may now kiss the bride!

You may now kiss the bride!

Our moms and Veronika.
My mom Vera on the left, my mother-in-law Alice on the right

My lil family with the Icons the Church gave us.

Our Families!

Our Families!

Us with our parents

The top of our church
Walking out of the Church as man and wife,
getting bombarded with rice
Showers of rice!!
Kissing while still getting showered in rice
Giggling about all the rice
Newly weds - Demetri Jr and Me
Shaking rice from my hair
Laughing about being showered in rice!
Everyone getting ready to go to the reception
All done throwing rice at us!
Time to go eat!!!
Walking down the boardwalk to the reception
Walking down the boardwalk to the reception,
while still shaking rice from my hair!
Walking down the boardwalk to the reception
Walking down the boardwalk to the reception
Time to throw the bouquet!!
Making sure all the girls are ready to catch the bouquet
Throwing of the bouquet
Throwing of the bouquet
Catching of the bouquet
Yay, Congrats Janene for catching it!!
Getting ready to get the garter to toss it to the guys
Getting ready to get the garter to toss it to the guys
Getting under my dress to retrieve the garter
Laughing hard at him
Pulling it off my leg now...
Ok got the garter!
Asking how he should toss it... me showing him a way...
He decided to just toss it...
look at the guys keeping their eye on the prize!
Jumping to get it.....
Jumping to get it.....
Yay, congrats Darren for catching the garter!!
Us and Father Kashevarof at the reception/potluck
Blessing of the food!
Waiting to eat....
Getting in line to get their grub on!
Getting ready to toast to the newly weds,
filling champagne flutes (I had sparkling apple cider)
The best man DJ filling glasses for everyone
Maid of Honor Speech
Best Man Speech
Us drinking to the toast!
My hubby and Father-in-law Demetri Sr
(I love this picture of them!)
Pulling the jello shots out!
Filling punch (Pineapple/OJ and Vodka) glasses,
handing out jello shots and re-filling champagne flutes
to the adults!
My bouquet and icons from the church
The Cakes I slaved over all day Friday!! I love how they turned out!!
Chocolate cake on bottom, cherries in the center, white cake on top, covered in homemade butter cream frosting and covered in vanilla fondant!! With pink edible ribbon, real roses and our acrylic cake topper with our names enscribed on it!
Don't they look awesome! My first time using fonant!
Cake topper
Roses on the other cakes
Cutting of the cake!
Cutting of the cake!
Feeding each other cake!
Our cake with some roses
Money, money money!! Always the best gift!
My hubby and his parents - Demetri Sr and Alice
My family with my hubby's family
My cute lil family!

Us with our mothers
Best Man DJ, my hubby, me and my Maid of Honor Ivy
Us with the bay behind us
Us with the bay behind us
Kisses!! Us with the bay behind us
I love this shot!!
I would like to thank: AJ, Sandra, Lydia, my sister Ivy,
my mother-in-law Alice and everyone else that
took pictures for us and let me "steal" them!!
Again many thanks to those of you who helped us, gave us gifts/cards,
and of course to everyone who shared our special day with us!! <3


  1. your pictures are great, so glad the weather was good for your wedding day. I love reading your blog and learning about your life on Akutan. Congratulations to you both! Can't wait to read more about you and your life. Your church is beatiful.

  2. What beautiful photos! Congratulations to the happy couple. Maybe you have many years of love, joy, and contentment. Thank you for sharing your special day with your blog readers. I loved this!

    All my best,
    Susan in North Pole

  3. Sorry for the typo! I meant MAY YOU, not maybe you. My fingers move faster than my brain.

  4. I happened to run across your blog. Your wedding was beautiful. The pictures turned out great. Congrats!

  5. Oh April, looks like a wonderful ceremony! Beautiful family you have :) Thanks for sharing your special moments with us. God Bless you and your family :)
    Love, Lauri


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