Monday, August 30

Monday, August 30, 2010

So it's been a week since the plane last came in! I heard we got lots of mail that came in today. I got a couple CODs my hubby send down from Wal-Mart. We are replacing all our glassware with BPA-free plastic cups so that when Roni is old enough to start drinking from cups we don't have any that she can break. Trying to think ahead! :)

On Saturday the 28th we went ahead of the bay and caught 30 humpies out of the creek for drying. That was fun to go up there, it was calm but super foggy. I ended up getting soaked chasing fish down to where my hubby was snagging them out of the creek. I had lots of fun though! Roni was probably wondering what we were doing, I kept telling her we were fishing and showing her the fish. She's such a sweetie! She didn't fuss or anything, but after we got home she fell right asleep. I figured she got a good amount of fresh air and got worn out watching us run around. My mom and Aunty came along too, they watched Roni for us while they picked berries and watched us in the creek! Happy to get fish to put away for the winter! Now to look after them and clean the fly eggs off them so they can dry up and be put away in my freezer! We now have 40 on our dry rack! My hubby went up the day before and ended up getting 10 of them.

Our female chihuahua is in heat. I'm hoping to breed her once and get some puppies from her before I get her fixed. All my dogs are registered and fully papered! I'm excited! So we'll see how that goes along. If she does have puppies I want to keep one and maybe sell the rest for 300 with papers... we'll see though.... after she has a set of puppies I plan on getting her fixed.

I still can't believe it's been a week exactly since the last flyable day, but then again it is Fogust... The state ferry Tustemena should be back here this coming weekend. I don't plan on going on any more ferry rides this year! I should have everything I need for now until we go down to Seattle next month.

I surprised my hubby with a new 160GB iPod for our anniversary! It just finally came in the mail! He's super happy, excited - like a little kid in a candy store! His last one was a 60GB from when iPods first came out and it finally stopped working a couple months ago. It makes these weird sounds inside it.... and instead of paying $200.00 to get it serviced - I figured I'd just order him a new one!! I engraved it "To the one I love, from your wife and baby girl!" Ohhh I wish I had the camera when he opened it! I swear his smile couldn't get any bigger!! It makes me fall in love with him all over again sometimes when I see that happy-excited smile on his face. Reminds me the day I told him we were pregnant, and the day I asked him to marry me, and the day I asked him to go steady! I love him soooo much!!! <3 Veronika is weighing in around 22lbs today (I weighed her at the post office on their scale). I didn't get to measure how long she is now though. She's starting to learn how to roll over from her tummy to her back - hasn't mastered it but is getting the idea! She still loves to play with her feet and always seems to be saying "agooo". She loves when I play peek-a-boo with her, she absolutely loves her "Jenny Jump Up"! I got her watching cartoons, mostly the ones I like - SpongeBob Squarepants, Looney Toons, all Disney cartoons, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Gummi Bears, Jetsons. I think she just likes to see all the colors on the tv, pretty soon she'll learn what they are. I need to invest in some Baby Einstein and Dora the Explorer DVDs....

I really can't believe how fast this month as blown by! Its been 5 weeks since our church wedding! Veronika is now 5 months old.... where is time going? Today was the 1st day of school for our kids here on the island. Hope they all do well and get awesome grades!

Geothermal has wrapped up and they are all done doing what they were doing. The boat harbor people left for a bit, but they should be returning here soon. Today is the last day for the cafe to be open for now, the cooks are going back to Dutch Harbor. So it's slowing down a bit here on the island. Still mass people at the cannery though. Our office phones are finally working again, the ACS phone guy snuck in and got everything back in order! Thank goodness. We should be having a Doctor coming down next month to do check-ups on everyone. I'm waiting for them to get vaccinations so Roni can get caught up with all her shots. She's due for her 4 month vaccinations, but the power went out at the clinic and they didn't have a back-up generator and they ended up losing all their refrigerated items (meds, vaccinations and what not). So I had to wait to get her shots done.... I'm hoping to get her 6 months shots done in Anchorage before we fly back home from our trip.

The weather is cooling off, not many sunny days (not like we had that many this year anyways). Temps holding in the low to mid 50's during the day and dipping into the low to mid 40's at night. Pretty soon we will be having our first freeze. Oh we went berry picking the other day. I was having fun telling Veronika what we were doing and what berries were what. The moss berries are still small and the blue berries are tart. The blueberries usually sweeten up after the first frost. The salmonberries are hard to find this year. It seemed like everything started to grow a little late this year.... the fire weed is already blooming (the 1st sign that fall is here). All the Pink salmon are in the creek and the silver salmon are showing up (another sign fall is here). Pretty soon the island will go back to being this dead grass brown color.... Wish summer could have lasted longer....

I have finally got all the pix of Veronika uploaded, now to label them all...... I have a bunch from last month and this month to share! I can't believe how fast babies grow.... what happened to my little 7lb baby?!?!?!

Well I hope all is going great with everyone else out there!! Take care and until next time TTFN!

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