Friday, August 20

Friday, August 20, 2010

Well what a way to wake up. At 8:40AM today, we experience a 5.3 magnatude with the epicenter being 15 miles West of the village. Shook my house pretty good. My brother-in-law who is working with the geothermal crew cracked a good joke about it. He said "Our drill must have hit the spot!" I couldn't stop laughing after he said that!

Here is link to the USGS earthquake information web site:
On their home page they allow you to see all the earthquakes in the US and around the globe, with information showing how big they were, what time and date and what cities it was closest too. Hope you enjoy the link!

Have a great Friday everyone. The ferry Tustemena comes in tonight for it's trip to Dutch then heading back up to Homer. We've taken the last 6 ferries but we're not heading over on this one! Looking forward to our trip to Seattle next month though!!

I have lots of pix of Veronika to share from last month and this month. Once I get them all uploaded I will be sure to get them posted to the blog!! Until next time TTFN!

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