Tuesday, July 20

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time has just been flying by!! I can't believe how fast the last 15 days have flown by!! Our wedding is already this Sunday the 25th. I believe I have everything we need, I'm so excited to have my sisters and neices coming in! I will be going over on the ferry to pick them up. This will be Veronika's 3rd ferry trip!!

The weather has been warming up finally, getting in the mid to high 50's during the day and right around 50 at night. We've been having lots of summer fog to! The island is really green and all the flowers are finally in bloom! Not much longer and we'll be on the hills picking berries!!!

The red salmon didn't really show up again this year, pretty slow picking on them... some people got some in their nets but only enough for their stash. I got one and tried to dry it only to have a cat get into my dry rack and eat most of it and a fox ate the rest of what fell on the ground... oh well.. I was hoping to get at least 5 to salt and a couple more to freeze.... looks like I'll be drying pinks again this year.

Well I hope all is great out there in Blogger world! I'll make sure to update my blog with wedding pix and pix from our ferry trip to pick up my sisters! Much love to you all out there!! Take care and until next time TTFN!

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