Monday, July 5

Monday, July 5, 2010

Veronika loved the fireworks last night! Made me so proud and happy to watch her smiling and looking up at all the pretty colors blasting across the night sky! 4th of July festivities were a blast yesterday! There was lots of great food and games played at the school gym. The weather for us wasn't the best during the day but cleared up and dried up for the fireworks show, which lasted about an hour! We ended up having foggy mist in the AM and early afternoon, so most of all the games were played in the school gym instead of at the ball field.

Sarah B kept her status as the fastest pie eater out of the kids division, Carmen B killed it in the watermelon eating contest- there was the 3-legged race, dizzy lizzy, pop the balloon (where a balloon is tied to your leg and you try to be the last one with an intact balloon), musical chairs was super funny to watch, along with some other games that were played. All in all it was a great day other than the misty fog we dealt with early in the day.

My hubby is out halibut fishing with my dad and brother, but they stayed in yesterday to enjoy the festivities, but they headed out early this morning.

I'm going to take Veronika on her first picnic ahead of the bay. I will make sure to take pix and try to get them uploaded! I just wanted to get on really quick to say hello and update a bit of what went on yesterday :) I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence day and kept it safe!

Take care and TTFN

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