Wednesday, June 30

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well it’s already the end of June… I don’t know how the year is just blowing by so fast… The island is finally starting to turn green, the salmonberry bushes are flowering, my strawberries planted in my old bbq are starting to flower, and the putchky’s are ready to be picked and eaten! Seems pretty mild this summer, temps hanging in the mid to high 40’s with the usual fog in the AM’s. Some days the sky is clear and the sun comes out warming us up into the 50s and sometimes 60s, but that’s only like maybe 2 times a month in the last 2 months… Not too many bees this year… been looking for them and only see a couple here and there… not like they used to be. I really wonder what is happening with the bees and why they are disappearing like they are??

We went over on the state ferry Tustemena on Saturday the 26th. Went over to pick up some stuff for our store and to hoard up some champagne for the wedding. So far I got 10 bottles of bubble and one bottle of sparkling cider (for myself). I got our favors in and the cute little satin bags with our names and date on it for the favors. I got my cake stand in and my cake pans! I am thinking of having chocolate cake in the big one with cherries in the center, yellow or white cake colored pink with salmonberries in the center, and maybe a carrot cake for my smallest tier all covered in white frosting with a pink ribbon wrapped around the bases. Nothing too fancy, as long as it looks good and taste just as great! I am planning on making my own cake I can’t wait. Too bad I can’t get any white fondant to wrap the cakes in to give them that perfect smooth look… maybe I’ll look online and see if I can order some or something... if not regular butter cream frosting will have to do. J On the next ferry I will start to pick up stuff for the potluck/reception and the ferry after that to meet up with my sisters and “bring” them home with me! We had a great time in Dutch Harbor for the day. That was Roni’s first boat ride!! She did great over and back! I enjoyed a great tasting burger with sweet potato fries at the Harbor Café!! Thanks to CB for introducing me to those fries, I love them!! Speaking of CB, it was great to have him finally meet my little Veronika!! We stopped by the hotel and spent some time with him! He bought Roni this cute blue and green dog that she was fascinated with, she loves it thank you!

I’ve been trying to upload pix of Veronika to share with everyone. I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since I last posted pix of her! Time goes by way too fast! Before I know it she’ll be running around with all the rest of the kids! She’s slowly moving out of her 3-6 month clothes and getting ready to wear 6 month and 6-9month clothes!! I can’t believe how fast they grow out of stuff… I just hope I let her wear everything at least once before she can’t fit it anymore! Time to go clothes shopping… I think I might have to save up and go to Anchorage for shopping….. We’ll see on that one though.

Fish are slowly starting to show up. We got one the other day and got it ready to be dried… but in the middle of the night last night a fox or cat or something got into our dry rack and we woke up to no fish hanging… I was mad about that… time to rig something to keep the animals away… what a waste... at least it was only one fish I guess…. But still L

So I’ve started up workout every day again, feels good to get a good sweat and to feel sore the next day! I have 25 more days until our church wedding, so time to try to lose the last of the baby weight so I can look good in my pictures! I’m getting excited! Both my sisters and my nieces are going to come down, I’m excited to see them, it’s been since my older sister Shannon’s wedding 4 years ago that my whole family have been in the same place at the same time! Plus my younger sister Ivy hasn’t been home in like 4 years, and this time she gets to bring my niece Aaliyah with her!! Plus we take picture of our 3 girls together for the first time!!

4th of July is already sneaking up on us. I can’t wait to enjoy the festivities. I heard we are having a couple contests like Pool contest and a “Rock Band Battle of the Bands” contest. There should be the usual games like: egg toss, balloon toss, bobbing for apples, pie eating contest, watermelon eating contest (the eating contests are what people love to watch and root for people in), the 3 legged race, the one where you balance an egg in a spoon from your mouth, pass the lifesaver from a tooth pick in your mouth, dizzy lizzy, pass an orange using your neck, men vs. women in tug of war, along with a handful of other games. A potluck with great food cooked up by volunteers, followed by a great firework show around midnight!! It’s going to be so much fun!!

Well I hope the best for everyone, take care and TTFN (that’s Ta Ta For Now if you didn’t know)

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