Thursday, June 17

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well lots have happened since my last post.

On June 10th Veronika got baptised/christened with her cousins J.B.3 and Tasha B. in our Russian Orthodox church by Father Kashevarof. She had her first communion on the morning of June 13. She looked so cute in her dress we got for her baptism! Roni's godparents (krusnas) are Kaylyn and Iggy.

Tasha had her first bday on June 7th, but celebrated with a big birthday bash on the 13th of June. We all had a great time and there was a lot of great food! I brought 2 sea gull egg custard pies and a big bowl of potato salad! Roni didn't enjoy having the birthday hat on, so only let her wear it for a picture (which she was super mad and screaming at me until I took it off her).

The state ferry Tustemena came in on the 12th. A handful of people did the round-trip run over to Dutch Harbor and back. I sent my hubby over to get some of the supplies that we need for the wedding and some stuff for Roni. He picked up these super cute vest and rain jacket from CB!! Thank you so much!! I can't wait for her to start fitting them, they are so cute!!

I had my wedding date changed to July 25th - Father Kashevarof let me know of fasting days and when he's going to be available. So I had to change my dates.... I don't mind as long as I get to have my wedding in our church in our faith and I'll be happy! I was happy that both of my sisters were able to change their travel dates so they can still attend my wedding! I love them so much for going thru the trouble of changing their schedules to make it here in time! <3

Roni is growing fast, I can't believe she's going to be 3 months here soon already! On the 21st I plan on going to the clinic to get her weighted and measured so I can put it in her baby book! I have to look for something for her to wear to the wedding.....

I got my hubby a beautiful Tux! I love the way it looks on him! The last wedding he went to he rented a tux, this time he owns his own! I got him Joe - by Joseph Abboud... He seems proud to own his own tux now!

I ordered almost everything I need for the wedding: cake pans, cake tiers, my favors and little bags to put them in. I have napkins (with the original date on them but they will work), the garter set, plastic toasting glasses for everyone else, glass toasting glasses for my hubby and me (with the original date enscribed on them). I have my cake topper and bouquet. I ordered white shoes. I have my dress and veil. I have all the stuff to eat with. Now to start on a menu and to start asking people what they can make/bring to the reception/potluck. So far I know I want: a turkey, spiral ham, roast, halibut fish pie, salmon fish pie, baked halibut, baked salmon, deep fried halibut, aaladix, halibut chowder, potato and macaroni salads, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, assorted veggies, and whatever else I can think of... :) I am trying to think of punch ideas and drink ideas other than the champagne for toasting. So far I've hoarded up 4 bottles of Korbel Brut. Will pick more up when the ferry returns next weekend. I figured 10 bottles will be enough :P I need to get myself a bottle of sparkling apple cider (no alcohol for me since I'm breastfeeding). I'm getting excited!! I asked my younger sis Ivy to be my Maid of Honor. I love her so much for helping me out!! My hubby still have to come up with who he wants to be his best man... he hasn't hinted to me who that is going to be yet... but I told him to get it figured out soon!

I just hope that I didn't forget anything. I have all my invitations out in the mail and receiving my RSVP cards back already! I hope everyone heard that my date was changed to July 25 instead of Aug 14. I tried to make sure I let everyone know!! SO EXCITING!!!

The island is slowly but surely turning green. We mowed our lawn again last night. The foxes are starting to hang out close to town, we have no big dogs to chase them away anymore. All the sea gulls are out laying eggs so we barely have any around town right now. The eagles are plentiful and doing their mating rituals - flying high into the sky and falling back to the Earth entwined to each other. The salmonberry bushes are starting to push out leaves and some flowers - they have a ways to go before you can't see between the bushes though. We've been having pods of humpback whales hanging out in the harbor. One day there were at least 20+ whales in the bay! It was so cool to hear them singing, watching them splash the water with their flippers and seeing their huge tails (flukes) slowly sinking back into the water after they come up to breath. None of them were jumping out of the water though (breeching), at least none in our harbor were but I know that they usually do on the North and South sides of our island. So spring/summer must finally be here if all the signs show it. The temps sure aren't agreeing. It's been pretty chilly out and we've been dealing with a lot of strong Northerly winds. Can't wait for it to warm up, but it's been raining a good amount lately.

Life is good here on "the Rock". We have a lot of contractors here working on numerous projects. A main one being our boat harbor project at the head of the bay. They have been working long hours ripping up parts of the land, digging and moving tons of dirt. They have a lot of heavy equipment and living quarters set up. Pretty exciting to see everything come into play instead of just looking at plans of what we'd like. Still waiting for our restaurant to open back up, I know we have a lot of people who are waiting for the cooks to come back from their vacation!

Well until next time, TTFN!

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