Monday, June 21

Monday, June 21, 2010

Well today is officially the first day of summer... it's cold and windy here in Akutan, doesn't feel much like summer... oh well hopefully it warms up and we see some non-windy days with lots of sunshine!!

I took Roni down to the clinic this morning to get weighed and measured. She is officially 25 inches long and 14lbs 2oz!! That's around 3lbs and 2 inches in a month!! Goodbye to #1 diapers, hello #2!!

We have decided to go over to Dutch Harbor on the ferry Tustemena this coming Saturday. I'm trying to make a lunch date with our beloved CB (Dutch Harbor Dirt). That's if he isn't too busy. :) Pizza sounds good... so does a juice burger!! I found a dog sitter for my chihuahuas so I figured we can go shopping for some of the stuff we need for the wedding and anything Roni might need. That and to get off this Rock for a bit. I have to make sure I pack everything Roni will need for a day, including her car seat and maybe her stroller. Next I have to see about renting a car while we're over there! Yay this will be Roni's first boat ride!!

Nothing new has really happened here over the weekend. The weather has been pretty crappy so we haven't had any planes. My hubby got to celebrate his 1st official Father's Day yesterday! I made sure to make the day as close to perfect for him! I love him so much!!

Tonight we get to enjoy some good ole homemade lasagna from my momma, but first going to enjoy a nice hot steam bath right after work. I had both grandma's wanting to babysit for us, but my mom said that since she gets to be with her all during the work day (since Roni's in the office with me) that her other grandma (Kooka Alice) can watch her :) I'm glad they don't argue and make me pick who gets to watch her!! I still can't believe Roni is going to be 3 months next week, time goes by way too fast!!

When I get time and when blogger lets me get them uploaded. I will post some pix of Roni's baptism/christening :) She was sooo cute in her dress we got her!!

Well until next time, take care and TTFN!

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  1. OMG, just saw a picture of your little girl on the dutch harbor dirt blog, so beautiful, grown so much from the pictures i saw on your blog, she looks like a very happy baby


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