Friday, June 18

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just an early post to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there in the world. Without you we wouldn't be here!! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

On Monday I'm planning on getting Veronika weighed and measured to see how much she has grown in a month. On the 21st of May she was 11 lbs 3.6 oz and 23 inches long! I wanted to wait until the 21st of this month to get her stats done up again :)

Happy Early Birthday to my friend Jessica B!! May god bless you with many more happy years to come!! I can't believe how fast 27 years has blown by!!! Much love to you!!

Think I'll go see how big the putchkies are and maybe have some with sea oil!! Yum!! I heard that some people were already picking some and eating them... they might be small but hey they are big enough to eat!! :D I got some awesome sea oil from my mom the other day!! I love her so much!!

Wow 5 weeks and 2 days until my big church wedding!! How exciting!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, until sometime TTFN!

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