Wednesday, May 5

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Krusna (godfather), my Bro-in-Law Don J, and to my sister-in-law's b/f Brett!!
Well woke up on Saturday to 31F weather and fresh snow.. then Saturday it was sunny and in the 40's. Monday the weather was beautiful, looks like Spring/Summer is on it's way finally!! Yesterday was sunny and warm! My strawberries are starting to grow in my old bbq grill turned planter!! Today the weather is a bit cloudy but still in the 40F's!
The snow is finally starting to melt and the grass looks like it's growing and starting to turn green! My hubby is cooking steam bath, this will be my first time going since before I got pregnant!! I can't wait to feel the heat and scratch/scrub my skin!! Not going to take Roni until shes a bit older, to be honest I'm scared to take her in that kind of heat....

We made a couple Jello No Bake cheesecakes for his brothers big dinner that my in-laws are having!! I heard they are bringing out the BBQ grill and whipping out some awesome food!! I'm lost on what to get my hubby for his 27th bday on the 14th... hopefully I find something...
I go tot he Eye Dr today... go see if my prescription changed or not and check out their glasses and see if I like any of them... its about time I get a new pair! The ones I have now, the lens are all scratched up.. I've had them for like 5 years or so now... about time for a change!
Roni has a slight cold, which sucks! I got saline drops to put in her little nose. So I'll see if that helps her. She weighed in at 9lbs 4.8oz this morning. We both have our 6 week check up on the 10th on this month... I can't believe how fast time has gone by already!! Shes growing out of her newborn clothes already and moving into her 0-3 month clothes!! I try to make sure to take her picture every day, since I doubt she'll be wearing the same outfit more than once, with all the 0-3 month clothes we received for her!!! I'm trying to capture the moment and get my paparazzi on since I know they grow so fast!! I never want to forget how small she used to be!
The plane has been making back to back flights, I think all the incoming mail is caught up, and Trident is moving all their people in and out. I finally got all of Roni's diapers in plus all the dog and bird food we mailed down! Thank goodness because we needed all of that, the dogs were out of their food and the birds were completely out and we don't have cockatiel food at our store!! Not to mention there are no diapers in our store!! So I'm happy I got all that in!! Can tell its almost summer when the plane is flying until 8PM!!
My pups are all doing great! I think they love being home and not having to worry about putting a leash on to go outside!! They all seemed to have missed their big brother Tug (our lab)!!
In a week or two we should be getting our new furnace set up and have our house weatherized. So we'll see how that goes!.....
Ok well until next time TTFN.

PS if you notice spelling errors its because I'm typing with one hand and holding my baby feeding her with the other!! :) I love knowing that I'm giving her a great start on life by breast feeding her, not to mention cheaper for us!!

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