Sunday, May 9

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there! Hope you have just as great a day as I'm having!!

Woke up to that beautiful Aleutian summertime fog!! A really thick fog that makes it hard to see our neighbor's house! Then by noon the sun was burning thru it all showing us the beautiful blue skies above!! The temps were in the high 30's this AM warming up to about mid 40"s by mid-day. There was no wind and the water was flat calm, it looked like glass!! There have been a lot of krill coming into the bay and coating the beaches - making a feast for all the birds and some foxes, but also giving this strong fishy smell. Most of the snow is finally going away, only appearing in the gullies's and where it was the thickest. I love the sound of the tweety birds singing away and the sea gulls making all their sounds as they gorge on the krill, and once in a while the screech of the eagles and the caws from the ravens! I think spring has finally made it's way to this part of the world!

Well today is Mother's day, my first offical Mother's day as a momma!! The Safe Harbor Church threw a Mother's Day brunch @ 1pm. They had some ham, waffles, quiche and a big tray of cut up assorted fruit, along with some bagel and cream cheese. The kids raffled off the quilt they made, and they also gave Veronika a quilt! I almost cried when they came up and presented it to us!!!

My hubby is cooking steam bath once again today! My father-in-law and his friend Jason got the water hookup fixed so we have running water in the bath house once again! I guess when my in-laws had their weatherization job done on their house the hose got unhooked and wasn't hooked back up until the other day. So no more packing water! Yay! This time I made sure to pump milk yesterday (which is kind of harder than I thought it would be). I got 4oz ready for Roni if she get's hungry while we're in bath. Last time she cried not even 10 mins after we got in and had to wait for me to get out 20 mins later. So I'm making sure I'm prepared this time! I need to start pumping and storing milk (freezing it) for an emergency stash just incase I need it! She feeds good from her soothie bottles, since she's used to the soothie pacifier (the one the hospital gives out).

I want to wish my friend Simeon V. (1985-2001) a happy 25th birthday, RIP Sim - you will never be forgotten and you are missed dearly!! Wish you didn't have to go the way you did, I know we'd be having so much fun hanging out and everything! Watch over us from up above, much love to you!!

Until next time, TTFN!

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  1. Happy mothers day to you. Sounds like spring is in the air. Enjoy your steam bath. What a sweet gift to get a quilt.


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