Friday, January 29

Thursday, January 29, 2010

Today is the first nice day in a while... nice enough for a plane to fly at least, all of the town people who were stuck over in Dutch Harbor made it home today. CB was nice enough to send me over grapes on the last plane we had (which was over a week ago), both baby and I appreciated it!! Red grapes has been one of the only things I've really been craving, mostly any kind of nice crunchy fruit. Apples are another fruit that I've munching on, I can pick up apples up at Trident.

I've taken new belly pix this past Tuesday, the 26th @ Week 31 day 3. which I will post at the end of this post! I still don't really have a big preggo belly unless I really push it out and try to make it look big, but then my little girl starts to kick and move around! I had a prenatal check-up yesterday, I am measuring in at 33CM and put on about 20lbs so far! Not too much longer before I head to Anchorage to await the arrival of our new little bundle of joy! I finally picked out and purchased a car seat and stroller... hard to pick just one with so such a selection out there!!!

I felt what I think was my first braxton hicks contraction on the 24th.. I don't really know what it supposed to feel like but it definitely didn't have the same feeling as when she kicks or moves. It's so exciting that I only have 2 months left to go, but yet the experience of having this little baby growing inside you is amazing and I'm relishing every moment because we don't really want to have too a big family or having our kids too close in age - at least that's our plan. I'm hoping that maybe when Veronika turns 2 we'll try again... but for now I'm loving the feeling of being preggo!

Well I finally got my female chihuahua Cali registered, took forever to get the paperwork in the mail from the breeder. She is now officially named "Dreaming of California Sunshine". And I am so thankful that she's finally getting off her first heat. Roscoe and Dante have been little pains in the butt while we've been trying to keep them separated from her. I've never heard them bark so loud before or cry/whine so much. It started to worry me because Roscoe stopped eating for like 3 days and didn't want to do anything but be as close to her as possible. Of course we didn't let them mate with her, I'm waiting for her second heat before thinking about that :) I'm still excited about getting a puppy out of her from one of my little boys one day! At least I know they will be able to come with their registration papers if the new owner wants them! All my dogs are registered and micro chipped!

Oh speaking of dogs, the Westminster Dog show will be on the USA Ch on Feb 15 & 16 @ 8/7central!! You know for sure I'll be watching that, even if I have to go someone else place to watch it. Did I forget to mention that the City cable TV is out down to the East end of Akutan (where I live).... I don't even know what's on TV or what's going on in the news (I don't really have time to look it all up online).... so hopefully they get whatever fixed and get it going again here soon!! The Miss America Pageant is on tomorrow on TCL too, I'm not going to miss that either!!

The weather has been pretty normal for winter time. Cold and blowing snow for a week then we get a clear day and the planes fly, then another week or so of cold wind and snow. We don't really have too much snow on the ground, but it's a couple inches at least!! A couple days the temps got down to 19F without the wind chill!! That felt sooo cold for here! We had a medivac the other day, we had one of those huge Coast Guard choppers come in and airlift an employee from Trident because of heart problems. I feel so thankful to live in a country where we have people like the Coast Guard who can come in and help us out like that when it's needed! Especially when the weather isn't decent enough for the plane to make it in!

Well I hope that this first month of the new year has treated everyone great and I hope all of you that did make New Year's resolutions kept to your promise to yourselves! Until sometime, TTFN!!

OMG, So I just noticed I never posted any belly pix.. I will make a post of the pix that we did take showing my growing lil bundle of joy :) But here are the 2 I took on Tuesday...

Belly Pix!! 31 weeks 3 days!
Standing normal :)
Pushing her out as much as I can!! LOL,
she kept kicking and I was laughing the whole time

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