Thursday, January 14

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!! Well according to the Julian calendar, today is New Years, which we here in Akutan Celebrate as Russian New Years! Last night we had church (which I wasn't able to attend because I wasn't feeling great, but my hubby went!). At midnight my hubby, brother-in-law and father-in-law were blasting shells from their shotguns, ringing in the new year!!

From the 7-9th we celebrated Russian Christmas - a celebration that includes taking a star (made of wood, glass and decorations) from house to house singing Russian Christmas Carols. After singing most houses provide food or snacks. I served halibut fish pie (which is just pie dough filled in layers starting with rice, boiled eggs, onions, fish, onions, boiled eggs, more rice and covered with a layer of pie dough and baked for 1.5 hrs) with angel food cake for dessert. There was alot of great food served up in those 3 days!!! Thanks to everyone who cooked and fed us and thanks to everyone who shared their voices singing!!

Veronika has been growing and her punches and kicks are getting stronger and stronger everyday!! It's such a blessing to know that she's growing inside me and to feel her move! The whole process of how we grow from an egg and sperm to a newborn baby facinates me! I can't believe how much they change and grow in 9 months!! Then how time goes by fast and next thing we know we're at graduation or their wedding!!! I've been getting some gifts from people, thanks alot! I don't really have a registry and not sure about a baby shower... I'm not setting up my own shower that's for sure!! :P But I do have a baby registry that I started @ We're going to order the crib, changer and the rest of the nursery furniture from JCP here hopefully before we leave to Anchorage to give birth!! Only thing I've been missing/craving is red grapes... I asked my in-laws to see if they can have the pilots get some and bring them over for me... so hopefully whenever we get nice enough weather for a plane I should be getting some!!! hopefully....

Speaking of the weather, it has been goofy latey.... warm then cold then warm.. but we have no snow - well today there is a little trying to fall but I doubt it will stick. It's been raining lately with temps in the 40's. Just yesterday and today the temps finally fell to freezing with a little bit of wind (which always makes it feel colder out). I'm still wishing for snow... like we used to have back when I was a teen!! I miss those days when we had 4-5 feet of snow on the ground and more falling down upon us... oh well....

Ok well I hope everyone is doing great!! Take care and Happy New Year!! Until sometime in the future, TTFN!!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that yesterday the Bayview Cafe re-opened!! Welcome home Lisa and Duy!!! Missed you guys and your cooking!! :D Yay, French Dips!!! :D


  1. Happy New Year to you. I am so glad to hear your little one is growing well she sounds very strong just like her parents :) I hope the weather will cooperate so you can get your grapes Enjoy your French Dips.

  2. glad the New Year shotgun celebration went off successfully. Tahnks for the JC Penney shower information too.
    Have you guys decided where Veronika will be delivered?
    Take care,


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