Thursday, January 21

Save the Bunnies on Tangik and Poe!!

Hey Everyone!! I am trying to spread the word so people can contact the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and let them know that we don't want evasive action taken against the rabbits on Tangik and Poe islands, they want to ERADICATE all the bunnies off both islands... I am totally against the eradication of the bunnies and would like for anyone else who cares to contact the AMNWR and let them know we don't want any action taken against the bunnies who call those 2 little islands (which are practically rocks with some land on them) they call home.

Tangik and Poe island are about a 20-25 skiff ride from the village of Akutan. We go there in the summertime's to catch bunnies and bring them back for "pets". They do no harm to the 2 little rocks they call home, we DO NOT want them ERADICATED!! Please write to the people below and protest the Eradication of the Rabbits from Tangik and Poe islands!!! We dont' want our bunnies killed off!!! They aren't doing any harm to anyone or anything on those 2 little islands!!! Please help us keep our rabbits!! Thank you for your help!! We have until the 10th of Feb to comment on this situation!!

Here is a copy of a letter I recieved. Here click HERE to go to the AMNWR web site.

Dear Reader:

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is seeking public comments on the Environmental Assessment of Invasive Species Eradication for Habitat Restoration on Tangik, Poa, and Sud Islands . This Assessment analyzes the consequences of two alternatives, a no action alternative and the proposed action of eradicating introduced European rabbits from Tangik and Poa Islands and introduced hoary marmots from Sud Island to allow the native ecosystems to recover. Introduced hoary marmots and European rabbits compete with native burrow-nesting seabirds for burrows, disturb seabirds during egg laying and incubation causing nest abandonment, and alter native plant communities. The proposed project would restore ecosystems for the benefit of native seabirds and vegetation. Uninhabited Tangik and Poa are in the eastern Aleutian Island chain about 12 miles from Akutan and 750 miles west of Anchorage . Sud is in the Barren Islands 60 miles south of Homer.

The Environmental Assessment and other informational materials can be viewed or downloaded at
If you need a paper copy of the Assessment or have trouble opening it, contact us at the e-mail below or call us at (907) 235-6546. Written comments will be accepted on the Environmental Assessment through February 10, 2010, and can be submitted by e-mail to or by fax to (907) 235-7783 or by mail to Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, 95 Sterling Hwy., Suite 1 , Homer, AK 99603.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or 907-235-6546. Thank you for your interest in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

Steven J. Delehanty
Refuge ManagerAlaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
95 Sterling Hwy., Suite 1
Homer, AK 99603
Phone: (907) 235-6546; FAX: (907) 235-7783

The Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
Conserving Alaska 's wildlife and wild lands since 1909

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