Tuesday, December 1

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow I didn't realize how long it's been since I last wrote in my blog and how the heck did it become December already?!?!?! I'm not ready for the years to be flying by this quickly!!!!

Nothing really new has been happening. We finally got 2 flyable days the week of Thanksgiving, making that a total of 3 flyable days last month!

Thanksgiving was great! We ate at my parents house in the early PM, then later around 5 we ate again with my hubby's parents. I think we over did the eating part, but the food was all great and I couldn't say no!! I think I have my fill of pumpkin pie, I swear I've been baking up pies for a week and enjoying them to myself practically!! Oh and on Thanksgiving morning around 8:59AM my hubby felt baby kick for the first time!! I was so excited!! He just sat there with this big smile and didn't say a word!!

I'm officially in my 6th month of pregnancy already (week 23 day 3). Baby is kicking away now, feels so cool!! I'm still not really showing but slowly getting a bump that's making it's appearance! I got my H1N1 vaccination yesterday... I never usually get my flu shots (any kind) but since I'm traveling and considered in the "priority group" (since I'm preggo) and they are recommending it... so I broke in and got it... I hate needles!!! I woke up this morning and the shot site is a bit sore... but then again it's been awhile since I got any kind of shots, usually taking blood out - not putting stuff back in!!! I ran out of iron supplements a couple weeks ago and found out I'm low in iron again so the clinic got me a refill, :)

I'm hoping and praying hard that the weather clears up here in a couple days, for I am going on vacation!!! We have a wedding to attend and figured why not make the best of everything and hang out for a bit. Los Angeles and Las Vegas here we come!! I can already feel the sunshine, hear the screams from the amusement parks, listening to the boom-boom of the fireworks blowing up over Disneyland and the sounds of slot machines in the casinos.... I can't wait!!! :D Packing up tonight, I like to be prepared... going to miss my pups but I can't always take them with me, especially now that we have 3 little ones!! Going to start looking for boats going to Dutch Harbor probably tomorrow or Thursday just to make sure I get out of here... never know with our weather what it's going to do out here!

Today was a busy day at work, being the 1st of the month and all.... I got all the billing done up, filed everything, cleaned up the office a bit and got everything ready for my mom for while I'm on vacation! I'm putting my trust in my brother and having him house/dog sit for us, just have to get him up to my house to get the dogs used to him... usually doesn't take long for them to get used to someone, it Dante that takes the longest to warm up to anyone! I know my pups will hopefully be good for my bro and hopefully not be a handful to watch..... With Cali starting her first heat, my 2 lil boys have been "acting" up and trying to get a little aggressive with each other but still trying to be lovey to each other (growl then lick each other then growl)... not to mention that Cali just likes to rough house and chase the boys all over the house doesn't really help with the rowdiness that can go on! It's funny people always ask me if they are always hyper... not all the time! Most the day they just lay around sleeping... until we get company then they are running around everywhere!! Tug will be staying with my parents, he likes to be spoiled by them because they let him get away with alot of stuff - just like a little kid getting spoiled by grandma and grandpa! Plus my parents have an Australian terrier named King that just loves my lab, so at least Tug will be giving him some company for a bit! :)

Well weather wise it's been pretty crappy... during the day it will blow and snow then at night it gets flat calm and clear out! With the moon being as full as it is and with it as clear as it is at night it's like someone is holding lamps outside lighting up the hills! I swear at 4AM last night when I was shutting our bedroom window it was brighter outside than it was when I woke up at 8AM!! These storms bring snow, hail and rain (which eventually freezes over and becomes ice). Right now the boardwalks are completely iced over, I swear you need ice skates to get around that's how icy it is!! Temps have been in the low to mid 30's, but the windchill is bringing it down to the teens or so. The other day it was blowing 76MPH on my porch!! What a storm that was! Complete whiteout conditions and constant 75+MPH winds (gusting even higher). The cable went out for a bit due to the dish getting covered in sleet/snow but with people keeping up on cleaning the dish off they kept the cable on. There was no way I was going outside that day!! ;)

Oh pretty cool I've been having these 4 ptarmigan hang out behind my house on the hillside! At first I thought someone threw a snowball, then I realized it was a bird flying! Those birds better watch out, my neighbors hunt and eat them!! LOL... if only they knew "dinner" was hanging out right there behind our houses... I could probably knock them down quietly with a .22 that's how close they are! I've also been having fun feeding our little rosy finches out my bedroom window!! Amazing how fast a couple handfuls of crushed bread can disappear when 30 little birds are gorging it down!

Well when I get time I'll make sure to update my blog hopefully a little more often than I've been doing... Take care everyone, until sometime TTFN!!

Help me pray for good weather for this weekend so I can get out on vacation!! Our last little get away by ourselves before our baby is born!! I'm not looking forward to all the adrenaline and rides I'm going to be missing out on... but at least I get to go people watching and enjoy a larger variety of foods to fill up on!!! I'm looking forward to xmas shopping too... not to mention the wedding, OMG it's going to be soooo much fun! A lot of people from Akutan going to be in Vegas, most of them for the first time (not only in Vegas but out of state!)! Going to be very interesting and fun, I can't wait!!! Wish us luck with the weather! Thanks!!