Wednesday, November 11

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served
or currently serve our great country!!!
Everything you do for our freedom is greatly appreciated!

Now how did it already become the 11th of November?!?!?! This year is just blowing right by us like the winter storms that blow thru! So far we've been having our usual week long storms that pack lots of wind with them and depending on from what direction the wind is coming from, the wind controls our temperatures. Northerly winds always bring the cold weather and snow while Southerly winds bring warm temps and usually lots and lots of rain! Just last night it got up to 54F but woke up to 35F since the wind changed direction from Southerly to Northerly overnight. But after about 4-9 days of windy stormy weather we'll get 1-2 days of clear weather before the next storm hits us. Usual weather for us this time of the year! We still haven't had snow that's stuck for a day or two... barely gets cold enough for any of it to stay... The temps have been averaging right around 34-35F the last week or so, leaving it cold enough to frost the tops of the mountains, but leaving us to deal with slush here at sea level! No worry though, winter is definitely making it's appearance!! Especially in these back to back week long storms that don't seem end - it'll be like this until next March or April!!

Well my baby likes to kick good once in a while, feels like a big twitch in my tummy that makes me giggle to myself... LOL. The morning sickness has finally all but disappeared being replaced by heartburn... just have to watch what I eat... I can eat spicy food without suffering, so I'm happy about that! :D It's simple things like cream of wheat and oatmeal or toast that give me heartburn bad! I am officially in week 20 day 4 of my pregnancy!!! I can't believe I'm already half way thru!!!

King Crab season has come and gone... I wasn't able to get any great pix because of numerous excuses I can come up with.... :P We have already devoured a 20lb box @ 186.00 a box! Thinking about getting another box from Trident before they run out and I'll have to order it from Dutch Harbor!! I love hot right out of the shell dipped in hot butter!! My hubby prefers it hot from the shell by its self, he says "why mess with something that already tastes great?" He's not a fan eating his King Crab any other way but the way nature prepared it for us! I can't help but soak it in butter!! :D I love that I am fortunate enough to live somewhere that it's processed and I can get it as fresh as we do!!
I have to get a hold of our credit card company and let them know that the printer down at the store stopped working. I tried everything I could but wasn't able to get it to print - the lights would just blink at me and there is nothing in the manual that says anything about a blinking power light!!! So I was able to move the printer from the office machine to the store so that they can still process credit cards, debit cards and Quest cards (food stamps card) for our customers. I think the Corp office and Store are the only places open on the island today... Hopefully our credit card company can get us a replacement in the mail ASAP so I can get the office CC printer back in the office so I can process credit cards for payment on store charge accounts and payment for the hotel!
So far I can say I've been craving sweet stuff... which with my sweet tooth isn't a good thing, but I've been trying to watch what I eat.... I've been wanting powdered doughnuts.... I asked my younger sis to send me some... so hopefully if she does I hope it gets here quickly but I doubt it with the way the weather has been acting lately...... but you never know! :D
I still can't believe it's that time of the year and the holidays are just around the corner! Turkey sounds so good... I wonder where we're having Thanksgiving dinner this year?? Usually try to go to my hubby's parents early in the afternoon and eat again later that evening at my parents! Lots of turkey and stuffing!! Yay... sounds so good!!! I can't wait!! I'll find something to whip up and bring to each dinner. Speaking of which, I'm going to bake up some pumpkin pies tonight!! I have to remember to get some whipped cream from down at the store to go along with it! Not sure what I'm going to make for dinner... been cooking big meals and trying to get enough healthy food for my growing baby to feed off of!! Been eating lots of fruit, mostly canned though so I'm trying to stick to the lite variety instead of heavy syrup. I still can't believe I'm half way done with my pregnancy already!! I swear with in no time my baby will be in our arms here soon with the way time is just going by!
Well I hope everyone is having a great November so far! Until sometime, TTFN! :)

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