Tuesday, November 17

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday to my lab Tug!! Also Happy 25th birthday to my cousin Tim S!!!

Well let me see where to start my blog...

My very first pets I got in my house were these pair of cockatiels. Pretty Bird who was yellow (lutino) and Willy who was a normal grey back in November of 2004. I loved those birds, they would whistle and make all these cute sounds along with these ear piercing screams. In April of 2008 they finally became proud parents of 2 hatchlings - which took them about 3 "tries", each time the eggs would just rot and nothing would happen with them so I'd discard them after about 6 months and they would wait a month or two then they start to try to lay again. Each time Pretty Bird was laying at least 5-8 eggs a batch. Finally when we were away on a trip, 2 of the eggs ending hatching!!! The female pushed them out of the nest as soon as they were walking and she tried to lay more eggs while the male bird used all his energy rearing the 2 little ones. He wasn't eating himself I don't think, just eating and regurgitating it back up for the 2 greedy little birds (who were eating on their own but still bothered their dad when he ate to feed them). One day we found our male daddy bird Willy dead on the bottom of the cage - I figured exhaustion from rearing took his little life. Well our little birds are a year and a half now, and last night I happened to find my Pretty Bird dead on the bottom of the cage - feet up in the air, lying on her back just like they do in cartoons... I don't know what killed my Pretty Bird, I'm guessing old age?

I never knew how old Pretty Bird and Willy were when I got them. I just know that I've had them for 6 year and my in-laws we got them from had them for about 3 years, and they got them from a friend in Dutch- who had owned them for a couple years - The original owner was my in-law's friend in Dutch's daughter who had passed away and her mom took the birds. So they eventually ended up with us for the last 6 years, living the great life. A nice big cage, plenty of fresh water and food, a nest box, gravel/grit, seed sticks & millet sprays and lots of birdie toys and all the flying space in the living room/kitchen/dining room!! I'm happy that they at least had baby birdies and we have them still!! I'm going to miss them so much; they were such great birds.... :( Their attitudes aren't replaceable and I'll never forget my first two cockatiels!! We'll dig thru all the snow in our yard to find Willy's grave and bury his birdie wife next to him... sucks to lose an animal family member!! I'm going to miss my Pretty Bird, she was my bird and was so lovey towards me.... I'm going to miss giving her baths and hearing her cute whistles and calls when I walk by the cage :( R.I.P Pretty Bird and Willy - I will never forget my first birds!

Other than my bird passing away. We've been getting lots and lots of nice fluffy snow today! I think I can make a snow man out of this snow! I tried to the other night but the snow was too powdery and wouldn't stick to its self.... but this snow is perfect. I already made a 1 foot ball in my front yard and noticed a 4 foot ball in front of the school!!! I can't wait to get off work and go play in the snow. It's been so long since I actually played in the snow like a little kid!! At lunch hour I even got the 4-wheeler stuck in the snow, took me about 10 mins to get it back on the boardwalk… guess I didn’t expect it to be that deep and thought I could turn around, but ended up getting stuck :P I thought it was kind of funny… about 10 mins later I got the bike out of the snow and was able to get home to cook up lunch!

I don’t remember the last day we had a plane that’s how long it’s been… going on 2 weeks soon I would believe… this winter weather just won’t stop. If it isn’t blowing then it’s white out snowing – always something Mother Nature is throwing at us that stops the plane from making the 20 min trip over from Dutch… I’m not really waiting for anything to come in, I just want my outgoing mail to get out… well I am waiting for my Disneyland park hopper tickets to come in :) And I know I have people in the hotel that are waiting to get off the island and some people waiting to come over. I heard that there aren’t any boats right now going either way… so everyone is stuck until the weather clears up for a plane to make it in…

My hubby and I got invited to eat birthday dinner for my cousin Tim, I made an angel food cake at lunch hour and I’ll whip up some salmonberry topping for it before I bring it down!! I love angel food cake with a salmonberry sauce! Mmm Mmm Mmm!! Thanks for inviting us! Guess I can wait to play in the snow after I eat dinner ;) LOL…

Well I figured I’d post some pix of my birds. I need to take up to date pix of my 2 little birds, they are full grown now! I’m really going to miss my original 2 birds though, but I’m happy to at least have the 2 little ones from my original pair! And some of my lab Tug growing up, since it’s his b-day today! :D I’ll do those in separate posts :)

Until sometime, TTFN.

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