Wednesday, November 11

Pix from our trip to ANC

Just some pix I took during our trip to Anchorage for the ultrasound. We ended up taking the F/V Farwest Leader over to Dutch Harbor in about 8-10ft seas.... I can say I was good the first hour, then threw up into the garbage bag they provided for about 3 hours, then I was good the last hour or so.... I did get a 30min nap though, which felt good! We ended up staying a night in Dutch Harbor at the Grand Aleutian - joining CB for Sunday brunch the next morning before heading to the airport for our flight to Anchorage. Just because we took a boat, there ended up being 4 flights back and forth between Dutch and Akutan, and 3 more the day we flew to Anchorage! Glad we stayed the night and enjoyed Sunday brunch anyway, even though I had to endure the 5.5 hr boat ride over! We were in Anchorage for about 41 hours to get my ultrasound and all my tests done before we were getting back on a flight to Dutch Harbor and we actually made it home all in one day (of course we got put on the LAST flight and didn't get home until 6:30PM!!!). I seriously don't know why they bumped us from the flight and sent over Trident employees when we were scheduled on that flight!!! And the flight we came home on was one they had to "think" about for a bit before deciding to go...... I was not a happy camper - just sitting there in the airport from noon until 6PM trying to keep ourselves occupied while we waited for Pen-Air to tell us we can board the Goose and head home! Then in the rush of trying to get home, I left my braided money tree on the Pen-Air counter!! Luckily there was one plane that came in the next day and the pilot brought it over for me!! (Thanks Steve!!). Quick trip and we weren't able to get as much done as we wanted to but this wasn't a pleasure trip, we have our vacation rolling in around the corner here soon!! I figured we can just wait! :) Here are a couple pix anyways :)

F/V Farwest Leader

An old bumper sticker from the Akutan Roadhouse
(Note phone number is now 698-2219)

The beautiful Grumman Goose!
The Saab 340's in Dutch Harbor, Mt. Ballyhoo in the background.
We flew on the "Spirit of Sand Point"


  1. Great pictures so sorry you got sick. I am glasd you were able to enjoy a night and brunch at the Grand Aluetian. So glad you were able to get back after that long wait.

  2. traveling for such a memorable baby appointment was quite the adventure.

    Is your home large enough to need a baby cam/monitor set up??


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