Tuesday, November 17

Bird Pix

Pretty Bird
Pix of Pretty Bird and Willy

Pretty Bird getting a bath, drying her off with papertowel

A couple days old!

A week old!

2 weeks old

Sweetheart at a month old (the male)

Stash a month old (the female)

My baby birds with their pin feathers!


  1. wow! So cool, I must've missed this post, I don't know much about birds but it seems impressive that you guys raised them from being born!!

  2. yeah they scared the s**t out of me when we got home from a trip and these 2 little ugly things were hissing at me. I so didn't expect them in there! Then having to hand feed them was a pain - having to weigh them and feed them every 2-4 hours, making sure they ate enough, was a lot of hard work every day caring for them. But now they are full grown and taking care of themselves!! Happy I know how old the little ones are, I never knew how old the parent birds were.. Handraising a bird is definately not something I'd recommend someone doing, but I was happy I researched what all I'd have to do if the parents did abandonded (them like they did). I think I need to get another bird for the cage, since they are turning to incest since I have a male and a female... they don't know they are brother and sister, but I do!!! :P Cute birds, I'm going to miss my first 2 though :(


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