Thursday, October 22

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Burrr.. what a thing to wake up to... 33F temps and slush on the boardwalks!! High up on the mountains we have our first actual coating of snow that might stay throughout the day! You can say I am definately not ready for winter yet.... :( I have to get my "yak-trax" out (shoe cleats) so I don't slip, I almost landed right on my behind walking off my porch this morning!!! Luckily I was close to the railing still and caught myself... Gotta try harder to be more carefull and be aware when I know it's slushy out!!

I'm mad at my camera (well not my camera but the memory card reader) its hasn't been cooperating with me or else I'd put up some pix of our newly frosted mountains!! I'll post pix later from home where my camera cord is!

We had an assortment of huge snow flakes that fall gracefully from the sky to the wet hail/sleet/rain mix that's blowing in the wind...

We're going to pack tonight and pray hard that the weather gives us a clearing so we can get up to Anchorage for our first ultrasound appointment. I'm so excited to be able to take a peek at my growing baby and to find out what sex the baby is!! Not to mention spend some family time with both my sisters (my older sis is driving up from Valdez with my 2 cute neices) and all 3 of my neices!! Also I'm super excited to be able to see my Krusnadad (Godfather) since he's planning on being in Anchorage during the same time we'll be up there!!! I haven't seen him since I was like 8 or 9 years old!!! I'm just hoping and praying that we're able to get out of here to make all our scheduled arrangements.... I hate rescheduling........ so hopefully things go the way they are supposed to and we make it up to Anchorage and back as planned!

OMG, so my Aunty Jen made these awesome ginger snap cookies!! There were to die for and tasted so good!! Both baby and I enojyed them!!! :D Thanks Aunty Jen! Much love!!!

OK well I just wanted to let everyone know that today is our official first day of snow!!!!

Cross your fingers for us to make it out to our Ultrasound appointment!! Thanks lots!! See you soon CB!!

Until sometime, TTFN


  1. Good luck x2! For BOTH flights! And have a great time in ANC. I get to go in 12 days for a conference.

  2. Hope you made the flight and can see f or m?? Hope everything is going great in pregnancy. Good time to see all before the heavy snow flies. Have a great time in Anc. Look forward to your announcement and blogging. Take care and hugs aplenty for you and family.

  3. CB has said we can find the ultrasound pix here can't wait



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