Tuesday, October 6


The following are photos I found online that I thought I would share with everyone. Since Mt. Cleveland is acting up once again. I thought I'd find some photos showing the location of Akutan, Dutch Harbor. And how far away Mt. Cleveland really is from our locations. Hope you like!

Showing how far away Mt. Cleveland is from our Volcano

Where Akutan is located in our big beautiful state of Alaska!!
We are about 40 air miles NE of Dutch Harbor - 750 miles SW of Anchorage

A close up of showing how close we are to Dutch Harbor/Unalaska.
The Goose will take off from Dutch Harbor heading straigt towards our island then they will either fly on the North or South sides of Akutan island and then circle around and come back into our harbor to land. Another route is (see where it lables Unalaska/Dutch Harbor - well if that was an arrow pointing to the right, the plane would go up that little harbor near our volcano then snake it's way up thru the mountain passes and pop up over the hills at the head of the bay and make it's decent into the harbor for landing!

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  1. What a unique blog today April, a geography lesson from someone who lives in the area!!!

    I expect to fly on one of those planes this year or next to visit y'all eventually!!!!

    Still collecting baby things from Colorado.



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